World Cup Final - Australia v New Zealand

29 Mar 2015

The points have been updated following the Final of the World Cup between Australia and New Zealand.

Points Updated

Updated Predictions What do you think the above Bowlers economy rate will be: 2.5
Updated Predictions What Bowler will be the Most economical: Mitchell Starc
Updated Predictions What do you think the above Batsmans Strike Rate will be: 103
Updated Predictions What Batsman will have the highest strike rate in the match: Michael Clarke
Updated Predictions Total Wickets in the Match: 13
Updated Predictions Total Runs in the Match: 369
Updated Predictions Who wins the match: Australia
Updated Predictions Who wins the Toss: New Zealand


The Standings can be viewed here.

Congratulations to Alan Emery who came first with 1,178 points, countdracula who came second with 1,104 and Tim Rees who rounded out the top three with 1,088.

Many thanks to everyone else who took part in the competition. We hope you enjoyed the World Cup and enjoyed playing on Cricket Web Predictions. There are many more upcoming competitions including the IPL, so please consider getting invovled with those.

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