Pathan ready to deliver the goods

Indian fast bowler Irfan Pathan is confident that all the setbacks he has received over the past year have made him a better player for the World Cup.

Pathan, who has been under a fitness cloud recently with some sections of the media question his value in the side, insisted he was a stronger player because of it.

“Whatever has happened in the last eight months has made me stronger. I am happy to have gone through this phase when I am 22, and not 28,” he said.

“Injury is not an issue, I’m confident of a good show in the Caribbean.”

“When you are taking wickets, no one talks about your line and length or your speed.

“But when you stop taking wickets, then people always try and find fault in the way you are bowling.”

He also insisted he was not an all-rounder, saying he was a bowler who could bat and that the media had unfairly given him the tag along with the expectations it comes with.

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