Migraines hurt Franklin’s chances

James Franklin left the field during the Black Caps match against Bangladesh due to a migraine and is hoping it doesn’t affect him in the remainder of the World Cup.

Franklin has suffered from migraines since the age of 12, but says they do generally occur quite a way apart, but having had two in the past three months is cause for concern the New Zealand all-rounder says.

Franklin’s last migraine prior to the Bangladesh match was in Hobart in January during the Commonwealth Bank Series.

Franklin told reporters during practice on Friday that “I feel as though I’ve been smacked in the head by a heavyweight boxer but then I feel as though I can get on with it.”

“I get blurred vision and then tunnel vision 20 minutes after that and then a headache that feels as though it’s going to split your head wide open,” Franklin added.

Franklin has been able to take full part in training this week in a view to playing New Zealand’s next match in the Super Eight against Ireland on Monday where a win will almost guarantee them a spot in the semi-finals.

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