MCC bans ‘graphite’ bats

Many of the world’s leading batsmen, including Australian skipper Ricky Ponting, will need a new bat after the MCC deemed Kookaburra’s carbon-backed bats are illegal.

The bats, known as the ‘Kahuna’, the ‘Beast’ and the ‘Genesis Hurricane’ are used by players internationally throughout the world including Ponting, New Zealand’s Nathan Astle and Hamish Marshall, Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sanggakara and many more.

The ICC confirmed Kookaburra will withdraw the bat and cease its supply for use in any future international matches.

The bats have recieved massive interest due to its support strip along the back of blade which is made from graphite.

The MCC deemed that the bats did not comply with law six of the Laws of Cricket which ever since Dennis Lillee’s controversial ‘aluminium bat incident’ have stated the blade of the bat must be made from wood.

Kookaburra released a statement saying the disagreed with the MCC’s finding and will be working with the ICC to prove the bat’s legality, adding the ban is only in place for international cricket and all domestic cricketers can continue to use their graphite-backed bats.

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