Mathew Sinclair Post Chat Highlights

Mathew Sinclair Post Chat Highlights

The live chat on Cricket Web with Mathew Sinclair has been completed and was a great success with 110 people showing up to chat to the New Zealand player.

Selected posts showing questions/answers within the chat are shown below.

There will be a follow-up chat with Mathew soon. Stay tuned to Cricket Web for further details.

[Manee] Hi, what is the main difference between domestic level and international level in terms of the atmosphere, and the standard of bowlers?

[skippy1975] Huge difference between the two events, domestic is a bit casual with not a lot of peole watching and international obviously a bigger event and that added pressure to do well

[Dawg] do you think the state shield and championship stacks up well with the other domestic circuits

[skippy1975] Standard of bowlers is of course at its best. I mean you are playing aginst the best bowlers in their country.

[NUFAN] Hey Mat, What’s your favourite 3 grounds to play at?

[skippy1975] Best three grounds Basin Reserve in Wellington, Cape Town in South Africa and Pukekura Park in New Plymouth.

[Dianne] Hi Mathew, great to see you here. Congrats on the MVP award. Where do you see yousrelf in regards to Black Caps selection? Especially with the constant changes at the top of the order

[skippy1975] Cheers for that it was a great honour winning the whole mvp thing. As far as Black Caps selection goes I think my time has come and they are now looking at youth, the constant changes in the top order I feel will be there for quite a while as we basically don’t have the playing numbers here in NZ.

[slugger] hi skippy have you thought about joining the ipl or icl

[skippy1975] Would love to be involved with the IPL but I feel to get that exposure I need to be playing international cricket.

[Prats] Who were the toughest bowlers you faced Matt?

[skippy1975] Toughest bowlers definitely Muralitharan and the quickest being Akhtar

[Steve] Mathew – who was the most impressive bowler you faced this season that hasn’t represented NZ?

[skippy1975] Would have to be in my opinion Brent Arnel from Northern Districts

[pasag] Hi Matt, love reading your work. Was just wondering what you thought of statistics, like some would say that daniel vettori isn’t a very good Test bowler because his figures aren’t crash hot. Do you ever place a lot of value on the stats when rating a certain player?

[skippy1975] Good question and i believe too many people place too much emphasis on stats. Sure they are a great indicator but as it happens in cricket it can only take one ball and at the best of times it is out of your control

[Pakistani] Skippy , So…what do you think about the series of Aus VS Pak , And offcourse..upcoming series for you..NZ vs PAK……Who’s Gonna win these series ?

[skippy1975] I think NZ will win the series here in NZ only due to the fact that Pakistan haven’t played here for a while and would take a long time for them to get adjusted to our green wickets

[Sridharan] Black Caps can be counted as serious contenders for this yaer T20 World Cup

[skippy1975] Yeah I think the Black Caps have a great chance in winning this years Twenty20 World Cup

[NUFAN] Mathew, you performed very well as a Test Number 3, did you feel as though you should have played more there?

[skippy1975] Mate I would have loved to played more at this level at number 3 but as U said before you basically control your professional destiny by performing at this level and I guess I did this for a while but then went out of favour with the selectors

[Sridharan] How you rate Ryder?

[skippy1975] Ryder is a good player with a good domestic record and I think he deserves all the chances he gets. His off field antics, well that needs careful monitoring

[tigerbill] what do you think of Vettori’s captaincy?

[skippy1975] I think Vettori is a very good captain and we should give him a bit more time at this role. It’s not easy and I can contest to that

[Steve] Mathew – Outside of being mistreated by the selectors, why do you think you didn’t make the most of your potential at Test level?

[skippy1975] I think the reason why I didn’t perform at my best to be honest was a lack of self belief and the fear of failing because I had been dropped so many times before it got to me and I started taking my focus away from what I do best and that is bat for a long time

[HM] What are your thoughts regarding the spinning stocks in New Zealand domestic cricket behind Vettori and Patel?

[skippy1975] The spinning stocks here in NZ is very poor at the least only due to the fact that our wickets here in NZ aren’t conjusive to spin and thats why we don’t play against enough spin

[Brat] What’s your opinion on New Zealand’s problems in the longer form of the game? Have we put too much stock in wiinning ODI’s and twenty20’s?

[skippy1975] I think playing cricket is all about the mental application. I mean anyone can go out there and hit a ball and bat its just how you process that belief in yourself that you can do it

[Steve] nethula got you with a good ball in the final…

[skippy1975] Nethula who plays for Auckland I found a good spinner providing he doesn’t bowl any no balls at me which got me out… lol.

[Rob1969in] Matt who should bat at 3 for England and who will win ashes?

[skippy1975] Not sure who should bat at three but I think the Aussies will come at the English pretty hard

[Manero] Do you regret having such a great debut at Test Level or do you think it really helped you improve your game?

[skippy1975] Made me a grow up a bit I reckon because I had such a great debut

[HM] Matthew, which players in the NZ dressing room did you get along with the best?

[skippy1975] Get along with all the guys but was good mates and still am with Fleming

[Rob1969in] Whats Jessie Ryder like to play with he seems pretty intense

[skippy1975] Jesse is a cool guy and plays the game at a good intensity. We need more of it

[Phlegm] If you could do anything differently (cricket wise), what would you do and why?

[skippy1975] I wouldn’t do anything differently. Cricket has given me so much the only thing that I would do is think about life after cricket a bit earlier on in my career so that you are all sorted after it has all finished

[Ange] Skippy, is typing harder than bowling?

[skippy1975] yeh man typing much harder than bowling the doosra

[Manero] Do you see yourself staying invovled in cricket after retirement from playing?

[skippy1975] Not sure about life after cricket at the moment but definitely thinking of it

[HM] Matthew, how did you prepare for a Test Match (mentally and nutrition)?

[skippy1975] I think to be at your best in any test match situation you have to get your mind around thinking that you are confident and prepared to give it all your best at the end of the day if you can look in the mirror and say that you gave it your all that’s all the encouragement that you need

[slugger] favorite shot

[skippy1975] Favouite shot is the cover drive. Don’t get many times to hit them but when you do it feels great

[Manero] Who do you usually share a room with on away tors?

[skippy1975] We get our own rooms on tour

[Flem] Going to try and not get randomly booted by the server or whatever this thing has, anyway, good to see you have no regrets skip would you accept another recall if it was offered? How would you approach your umpteenth call up at internationals?

[skippy1975] I would accept another recall if it came along as I still believe I can handle it and feel a bit more experienced now

[yuvraj] tell me which batsman is tough to get out

[skippy1975] Tendulkar would have to be the toughest batsman that we all talk about in trying to get him out

[ttboy] Mr. Sinclair, how close was you to going to the Republic and what franchise was interested in you?

[skippy1975] Came pretty close to heading overseas but I guess my loyalty to Central Districts and NZ got the better of me but wouldn’t mind taking on a county job

[Steve] how would you approach a recall differently to yourmost recent Test stint against England?

[skippy1975] I would go out there and not think of all the worst case negativity if I got a recall and back my form and self belief to see me through

[Ganesh] I see you have batted both at #3 and as an opener? how does a batmsan need to handle himself or rather be mentally prepared when he is shunted between these two key positions

[skippy1975] I think there is no difference between batting anywhere in the top order and believe any batsman can adapt to any situation if they put there mind to it..not sure about Chris Martin though lol

[Steve] Skippy – What happened to Greg Hay this season? He had 2 seasons of very solid form, but struggled for runs and opportunities this year

[skippy1975] Greg has always been a consistant performer for the Central Districts Stags and I think his best years are to come. A combination of a bit of lack of self belief and form

[OnDrive] Do you see the T-20 as a necessary evolution/innovation, or are you a traditionalist vehemently opposed to it?

[skippy1975] I think Twenty20 has its place but I think it will came at some expense and I think that expense is the one day game

[ttboy] Mr. Sinclair, do you think South African, Neil Wagner, is good enough to represent the Black Caps? Also, how would you rate Wagner?

[skippy1975] Rate Wagner very highly. True South African never give up mentality and given a few years here in NZ will be a great bowler

[skippy1975] Well folks my time is up and I look forward to chatting a bit more later on. Cheers to all that were here in this room and I will definitely be back


What did the crowd say to you before you took that amazing catch in Melbourne all those years ago?

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