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Is an India-Australia Final on the Cards for the Champion’s Trophy 2017?

Champions Trophy 2017

Even though India and Australia are two of the strongest teams in any format of the game and nobody can really put them out of contention for the ICC Champions Trophy next month, their current performances in International T20 matches have not exactly been the best. At this moment, India is down in 4th position behind New Zealand, England and Pakistan, while Australia is trailing even lower in 6th position, just behind South Africa by one point. However, former Australian captain Michael Clarke is of the opinion that none of those stats will matter and these two teams will end up meeting each other at The Oval on 18th June to play the final. If you think he was just joking then check out the following points Clarke has put forward to support his predictions.

The Pace Battery of Australia

Clarke mentions that Australia has one of the best fast bowling attacks in the business, if not the best, alongside South Africa. The conditions in England have traditionally been ideal for true pace bowling and Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazzlewood, Pat Cummins and James Pattinson do bring a lot of that to the table for sure. It isn’t hard to imagine these quickies with their constant pace of 140km/h+ – 150km/h+ will be a constant problem for batsmen from all teams, especially given the inherent swinging and seaming nature of the English pitches.

The Magic of the Indian Spin

Experts have already predicted that the heat in England can allow for spin on the English tracks and if that is truly the case, then the likes of Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin could turn the tide of the games in India’s way, just like they have done on multiple occasions before. In fact, it should be noted that Jadeja was the highest wicket-taker in the Champion’s Trophy 2013, which was also held in the UK and won by India.

The Poor Condition of the Indian Batting Order

India does have the likes of Virat Kohli and M.S. Dhoni in their arsenal, but it cannot be denied that most of their batsmen, including the two legends, have mostly been out of form for a while now. Clarke is confident that they will snap out of it and perform for their country in the Champions Trophy, but the stats are not supporting the former Aussie skipper’s somewhat wishful thinking.

The Final Prediction of the Former Aussie Captain

Just in case anybody was wondering if Clarke has a favourite among his two chosen finalists, he does and it’s Australia. If one thought that Clarke’s expectations so far were a bit pre-conceived, then get a load of this; he not only expects Australia to win, but he expects his national team to win over India by just one run! Of course, he probably just said that to add a bit of drama to his predictions, it’s nevertheless, an exceptionally specific prediction if there ever was one to say the least.

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