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IPL 2022 auction to feature INR 90 crore purse

The Indian Premier League 2021 concluded on October 15 with the Chennai Super Kings winning the playoffs. Now, with the season in the books, the IPL is looking forward to 2022 and hopefully, a season that isn’t disrupted. The 2022 campaign will see two additional teams added to the competition making it a 10-team IPL season.

January will feature the IPL 2022 auction which will have an INR 90 crore purse as teams assemble their teams. The IPL’s eight original franchises are currently in the retention window of the offseason. The retention window started on 1 November and will close on 30 November. The window for the two new IPL franchises will open on 1 December and close on 25 December. IPL fans have a lot of reasons to wager on the best cricket in the world in 2022. If you are interested in the best betting apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, then don’t miss the latest reviews before downloading a new betting app.

IPL 2022 auction

The IPL 2022 auction purse is set at INR 90 crore for each team. The amount is an increase from last season’s auction purse of INR 85 crore. This year’s purse is approximately £8.97 million per franchise. Each of the IPL’s eight established franchises can keep up to four players from their previous squads.  salary structure has been announced for the number of squad members retained.

The IPL’s two new teams for 2022, Lucknow and Ahmedabad, will be able to sign up to three players from the cricket player pool once the league’s established teams have selected their retention picks. The IPL 2022 player auction looks likely to take place in January 2022.

The rules for player retention

The rules for the IPL 2022 auction will see the eight established teams charged INR 16 crore for the first player retained, INR 12 crore for the second player retained, INR 8 crore for the third player retained, and INR 6 crore for the fourth player kept. The overall charge for an established team keeping ahold of four players will be INR 42 crore.

The amount for retaining three players, two players, or one player are slightly different. A team keeping ahold of three players will be charged INR 15 crore, INR 11 crore, and INR 7 crore, for a grand total of INR 33 crore. Teams retaining two players will be charged INR 14 crore and INR 10 crore, for a grand total fee of INR 24 crore. If one player is kept, a team will be debited INR 14 crore.

IPL teams can pay players whatever salary the two parties agree on. The fee that is higher (the auction fee or salary) will ultimately be deducted from the team’s auction purse. If a team pays a player less salary than the player’s retention fee, they will be charged the retention fee amount. If a club pays a player’s salary that is more than the amount paid to retain them, then the higher amount will be charged from the team’s auction purse. The rules apply to the two new IPL clubs as well.

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