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International Cricket Captain 2008
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A new version of International Cricket Captain is now available for download. Existing users can get the update for free by pressing the “Internet” option from the main screen.

This updated version features changes to the database, improving the accuracy of player types and attributes in the game. We’ve made changes to the run rates when batsmen are hitting out, adding to one day and twenty over match realism. Pitch wear effects have also been remodeled to improve the 4 and 5 day games.

The on-line game has had a major update, to fix disconnection problems that some users were experiencing. This will make the online game available to many more players.

You can download a 2-day trial of the game, or buy it directly from our partners Sporting Gifts.

“Our main objectives with this release of the game were to make it as realistic as possible and to re-design the interface to make everything a click away. We’ve achieved that – and so much more. The new fielding engine is great fun to watch and means the balance between bat and ball is as accurate as you could hope for. It just “feels” right and you can’t put it down from the moment you start playing. We’ve also changed the way new players are generated, keeping youth stars realistic for at least the next 100 years. This makes the game incredibly addictive and adds balance to the teams on-line. There are new training options, allowing you to iron out weaknesses in your batsmen and bowlers. A new youth team feature allows you to try out some talented youngsters before being given the option to sign them at the end of the season.

It also goes nicely with a cup of tea while you’re listening to Test Match Special (serving suggestion).

Please forward this to any friends who you think might like the game. Download sales go directly into developing the next version.”

– Chris Child (Game Designer)

New features:

* Over 3000 players stats (to March 8th 2008)
* All fixtures for 2008 + future scheduled fixtures
* New coaching and player development options
* Try out youth players in your first team
* Improved integrated ball-tracker match screen
* New diving and slip catch animations
* Re-balanced game engine
* Quick play optimised engine
* Improved new players: realistic for over 100 years

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