Hair drops discrimination suit

Australian umpire Darrell Hair has withdrawn his law suit against the International Cricket Council in a rather surprising move yesterday.

Hair made headlines last year when he ignited the ‘Ovalgate’ controversy when accusing Pakistan of ball tampering during a match against England. Pakistan subsequently forfeited the match in sensational circumstances when refusing to come out from their dressing room. It was the first forfeit in Test history.

Hair later received a vote of no confidence from the seven of the 10 Test nations and was removed from the elite panel. As a result of this, Hair initiated legal action against the ICC, alleging racial motives behind his sacking.

However the controversial umpire yesterday withdrew the suit, much to the delight of the ICC.

“Darrell Hair withdraws unconditionally his allegation of racial discrimination against the ICC board, members and staff. Mr Hair has undertaken to work with ICC management in accordance with the rehabilitation programme over the next six months,” said Hair’s lawyer.

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