Gillespie ‘zinc cream’ drama

Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie is considering going against medical advice and putting his health at risk to ensure he doesn’t get caught up in a ball-tampering scandal.

Gillepise publicised that a skin specialist had told him that he has a sun-damaged nose and lips, and has been advised to apply zinc cream when playing.

Gillespie is however worried at being called a cheat by applying the cream, which is likely to finish up on the ball as he applies saliva to the seam.

“If I put zinc on my lips then do this (lick his fingers) I am worried that I might inadvertently put zinc on the ball and all of a sudden people will say ‘Gillespie’s a cheat’,” he told The Courier Mail.

Foreign substances such as zinc cream are considering illegal substances by the International Cricket Council.

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