Cricket 2002 - Hints & Tips

  • Learn how to bat and bowl by using the Practice nets mode.
  • Follow the advice of the runs possible indicator (says how many runs are possible). This is right 98% of the time.
  • Left handed batsmen play the square cut with style. Right handed batters are effective on scoring on the off side as bowlers bowl that side (especially England and Bangladesh)
  • A great tip is to always watch the ball onto the bat. Sometimes trying to just slog the ball proves nothing and low scores keep occuring.
  • The World Cup is a great way to figure out teams strengths and weaknesses.
  • Bowling leg side wides can sometimes cost 3 runs. Deep fine leg is very deep so try and bowl on the offside.
  • Choose Australia, then get a fast bowler and a spin bowler of any kind to bowl end to end, put the ball on the toes and bowl your slower ball, (default circle), they should edge and only get about 70 runs.
  • A great tip for getting out batsmen is to ball first of all on the opposite side of your genuine starting side. Then bowl yorkers while bowling around the wicket. 86% of the time the batsmen will be bowled.
  • In test matches put a swing bowler on and bowl yorkers. One in three times you’ll get an edge but make sure you have a huge slip corden.
  • To hit a 5 every ball press triangle and up.
  • Choose ANY team. Bowl at the toes. In the first 10 overs have 2 pace bowlers. In the next 30 have a pace on one end, the other a spin. The last ten bth ends pace. Using this method I bowled Australia out for 54 runs using Bangladesh. The last 9 wickets fell for 10 runs.
  • To unlock all rewards go to EA Sports on the main menu. Then put your cursor on credits and type the following code “ulockall”.
  • To pick-up lots of wickets in the last few overs of a limited overs match, customise the field, making sure 5 of the fielders are a mid-on, mid-off, straight, deep mid-on and deep-mid off and ball yorkers every ball. This is a good way to stop the big runs coming in the last ten overs, and can give you lots of wickets bowled and caught.
  • Also when bowling, do not bowl yorkers just outside off stump towards the end of a limited overs match, because the batsman will often play a lofted off-drive for four or six.
  • When batting, if the bowler bowls a yorker, play a clip to the leg side. Make sure you hit the buttons earlier than you usually would or the batsman will be bowled. This method almost certainly guarantees a run off every yorker bowled by the computer.
  • In a One Day Match You Can Get More Wickets By Using spinners. Pitch The Ball Around Middle & Leg For Right Handed Batsman. Then Batsman go for the sweep & They Will Ged Bowled.
  • Click on the option Inside EA Sports and keep the pointer on the option Credits and write ‘butter’. After this when you will play the match the opposite team will start dropping 90% of the catches.
  • If opposition bowl yorkers and you are cahsing a score of about 80 or more in a 10 overs a side match then for the first two overs don’t lose any wickets trying to be adventuous. Go at 6 an over for the first two, then if you have all 10 wickets in hand you can go for five singles in the over and a boundary and you will easily get your runs and will lose not many of your wickets especially if you play computer as the computer always throws in a boundary ball every over.
  • In tests when bowling don’t bowl to hit the stumps especially in the hard mode. The computer will just defend and you will have to bowl over a 100 overs if you are playing on flat wicket.Practice bowling a line just outside of the off stump to a right hander(right arm fast bowler)and to a left hander try to bowl middle and off.Also bowling on a greeen pitch and a cloudy day gives you alot of edges. My record for that is bowling All Time New Zealand for 90 at Auckland with All Time West Indies.
  • If you pitch the ball yorker length on the batsmens leg stump, you are sure to bowl his off stump.
  • Every field position has a code.Go to Editor, select, one day, the field position could be changed to your liking. Select one day, the option , fast/swing/off/leg.Click on this. You will fine the filed positions (default settings) in .dat files.Open the .dat file in note pad. You will see some alpha numeric charcters which is assigned to a field setting Either give a gap or relace any alpha character with another one. Before this create the copy of the file you are chaning. Now edit the original file and save. You will see the filed changes.(field restrictions also moved). By doing so,you can score more runs without using the super batsman. The best way is to remove the cover fielder. A lot of runs are scored in the area. Another thing is to ensure no fielder is outside the 30 yards circle in the first fifteen overs. Any mis hit will go to the boundary. While you are fielding, select a custom field with two men outside the 30 yeards circle, preferable, a deep mid on and a deep square leg.You will win all the games you play. – Suggested by kannan
  • In a one day match,in case you are batting first, the first task is out bat through the 50 overs/20 overs. Secondly, when you are fielding, ensure you have a deep sqaure leg and deep mid off as the two fielders outside the 30 yeards circle. Once the field restrictions ease,have a field where you have deep point on the fence, deep square leg on the fence, deep long off, deep long on, mid off. Bowl around the wicket for right hand bowlers and over the wicket for left hand bowlers. Always bowl to the batsmen’s mid and leg stump on yorker length. This will help you in containing the runrate/ batsman. You can get the batsman bowled if he misses the ball, and in case he hits over the top, it could land in one of the five fielder’s throat. Sure, you will win the game. – Suggested by kannan
  • To get lots of wickets and keep the runs down put three slips, a gully, cover point, extra cover, a mid on, backward square leg and a square leg in place. – Suggested by Ashley
  • Bowl with a spinner and press the triangle button and use no pass and full top pin and place the ball on the stumps as close to the stumps as possible this will usually get a wicket.
  • When you play a Twenty20 match bowl straight onto the foots of the batsman. You will get a wicket on every third ball. I also bowled out New Zealand to just a score of 16 runs and the opposite side was West Indies. Cameron Cuffey picked up 7 for 7 on his 4 overs. – Suggested by lucky
  • When you are playing a Test match you will not be able to get wickets in the early overs. After 10 overs put your spin bowlers (specifically left arm spin bowlers) into the attack and bowl on the line of middle and leg and the batsman will go for a sweep and will be bowled. – Suggested by vickey


When activating a cheat go into EA Sports in the Main Menu. Then put your cursor on credits and it will highlight. You can then type one of the cheats below:

Effect Password
Easily hit 4’s and 6’s sbatsman
Big bat bigbat
Fielders can’t catch butter
Unlock teams and stadiums unlock all
Play on 10274×786 mode vvsmall
Play on Lahore(Pak) streets Pak1
Play on London streets EngLon
Get all new players until April 2003 0003ap
Umpires Fielding fatfielders
Umpires will give a 6 or 4 for every ball giveallruns
Unlock Sharjah Tournament sharjahtmnt
Unlock the HB Studios team hbstudios
Umpire as yourself ConUmp
Make the ball bounce like heaven type bouncyball