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Four Of The Best Freddie Flintoff England Moments


There aren’t many cricketers that have been able to ensure international investment in the sport, but Freddie Flintoff broke that mould. Flintoff made for must-see action, as he was a star that everybody would be talking about after an England fixture. Even those that weren’t huge cricket fans would tune in to see what Flintoff is doing, and he played a huge role in the popularity of the sport increasing in the 2000s.

His showmanship on the pitch ensures that he holds a special place in all cricket fans hearts, and he is as popular to this as he has ever been. However, which five moments stand out more than most from his international career?

Flintoff vs Tino Best

It’s fair to see that Flintoff always knew how to get into the head of his opponent, and one of the finest examples of that came in a test match against the West Indies in 2004. Flintoff was standing behind Tino Best, who was in to bat for the West Indies, and Flintoff couldn’t refuse a comment. He told best to ‘Watch the windows’. What followed was the perfect sign that Flintoff had his opponent rattled, as Best tried to attack the ball but ended up completely missing it and being stumped by Geraint Jones. Flintoff’s reaction after Best was out made the moment all the more special.

Flintoff Floors Aussies

The Edgbaston cricket ground is one of the most famous when it comes to Flintoff, as he so often saved his best performances for the Birmingham ground. However, the one that stands out more than most was his performance in what is believed to be one of the greatest test matches ever played. England’s backs were against the wall, and it seemed as though the Aussies were going to regain the Ashes once again. However, Flintoff stepped up to save his country and gain iconic status. With the bat, he was mesmeric, as the Aussies couldn’t stop him from scoring nine sixes across his two innings. England went on to win the Ashes in 2005, and that wouldn’t have been the case had it not been for Flintoff’s brilliance in Birmingham.

Consoling Brett Lee

If there was ever an example of Flintoff’s sportsmanship, then it came with the defining image during the 2005 test match during the Ashes at Edgbaston. After Flintoff had demolished the opposition with his stunning display, he was quick to walk over to Brett Lee and congratulate him on his effort. The picture quickly made its way around the world and is an iconic image of what cricket is all about.

England Farewell

All good things must come to an end, and in 2009 Flintoff’s last international appearance took place at The Oval. Once again, he was the starring role as he claimed the wicket of Ricky Ponting, which turned the tide of the Ashes in England’s favour. Flintoff was at nowhere near his peak in that 2009 Ashes series, but his performances throughout still highlighted the effect that he had on the team. Flintoff’s last moment in international cricket was him rising up the Ashes, and it was farewell to a legend.

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