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Thread: **** Channel 9

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    **** Channel 9

    I am seriously over the way that this tournament has been covered by channel 9.

    The current schedule says:

    Pak vs India - coverage begins at midnight and runs for 4 hours (so we'll get the 2nd innings)

    NZ vs SL - no coverage

    Final - coverage begins at midnight and presumably will also only be the second innings.

    **** this disgraceful station. For the premier sport in the country they sure do a lousy job of covering the premier event. Australians haven't lost interest in it because Australia is out. Australians have lost interest in it because C9's coverage has been dire. I mean in the Aus vs India game we only got the second innings FFS.

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    Absolutely pathetic.

    FTA coverage of sport in Australia is piss poor tbh.
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