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Thread: Who has been the Worst Commentator so far?

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    Who has been the Worst Commentator so far?

    OK we have a thread for the favourite commentator now its time for the hated one.
    I find Russell Arnold most irritating, apart from him the rest are decent. Post your list

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    in this worldcup i find Wasim Akram really annoying, his english is not as good as it use to be, on the other hand Ramees Raja is really good as always

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    Tony Greig. By a ****ing mile.

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    Yea Arnold sux.I can't stand Indian commentators bar Shahstri.

    Though I don't mind Nicholas or Akram. Like Grieg as well.
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    Shastri is terrible sometimes, like when he's shilling for the BCCI. Chappelli can be really really annoying sometimes too when he gets stubborn and refuses to even acknowledge that other people may disagree.

    Generally, I prefer pretty much all of the English commentators - Bumble especially. WAG.
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    Gavaskar: STFU
    Greig: sad to see a previously good comm. suck. Pretty bad allround. Dude was reading the opposing captains name's and the match ref's name off a piece of paper at the toss. Smh. Can't remember which game though.
    Shastri: less cliches please
    Raja: Rajaisms
    Wilkins: Though actually good and not as bad as the above, he creams himself whenever he is commenting with Wasim. Also has a weird way of pronouncing Akhtar.
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    Russel Arnold. He's extremely annoying to listen to.

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    Sunil Gavaskar IMO. The other nonsense commentators who add nothing along with him are mentioned in the above posts anyway.

    Only commie who adds something yet continually manages to annoy me is Ian Chappell.
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    Will refrain from mentioning the ones I dislike but will stick to the blokes that have been good this year:

    Naseer - Always worth listening to what he has to say. Hardly even a hint of bias and quite good natured.

    Lloyd - Been a fan of his commentry for a while so nothing new here.

    Pommie - Really growing on me. Good natured bloke and all round good guy.

    Rameez Raja - Among my favourites really. Always worth listening to.

    As for Wasim Akram, I'm a bit of a fanboy so wont be hearing anything bad about him from me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gooch20 View Post
    in this worldcup i find Wasim Akram really annoying, his english is not as good as it use to be, on the other hand Ramees Raja is really good as always
    I thought that Akram's analysis on bowling has been really good. I also think his and Raja's partnership has been pretty entertaining, especially when they reminisce about the good old days with King Khan and Inzy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus0723 View Post
    Though I don't mind Nicholas

    Nicholas annoys me far more than anyone I've heard at the WC. Can't believe we have to put up with one of the worst commentators in the Australian summer during a tournament on foreign soil.
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    Danny Morrison, WAC.

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    Danny Morrison
    Mark Nicholas
    Ramiz Raja
    Sunil Gavaskar
    Alan Wilkins

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    New Zealand doom and gloom thread
    Dan Morisson, what a prick
    Gavaskar, Arun Lal, Laxman Shiv etc I don't like Shastri either, but he's the slightly better than the rest.
    All lankan commies
    Ramiz Raja
    Shamim (the BD commie) - torture
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    Botham, can't stand him and he just seems to whinge non stop any time something doesn't go englands way, fair enough to show some bias but others get over it and return to following the game.
    Nas and Pommie have been the best. And i always love Tony Greigs commentary.

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