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Thread: *Official* Match 29 - India v South Africa

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    Virat Kohli (c) Jono's Avatar
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    I disagree that India's defence of 296 was 'pathetic'. They only made a par score, and almost won. It was a regular performance.

    Against England, yes their bowling was pathetic for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TT Boy View Post
    Remarkable to believe that was Dale Steyn's first 5 wicket haul in ODIs and it only took him 6 years and 52 ODIs to accomplish that. Bowling average is now the right side of 30 and the ER is slower becoming more acceptable.
    More remarkable is that he's only played 52 ODIs in 6 years.
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    guys India's got this so ctfo

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    You probably all know the guy personally and I am late to the party - but I found this a very entertaining write-up:

    On the Road with Zaltzman | ESPN Cricinfo

    Oh yes - while I am here and we are so under represented, mostly because of smaller sample size:

    Go South Africa!
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    Quote Originally Posted by longtom View Post

    Oh yes - while I am here and we are so under represented, mostly because of smaller sample size:

    Go South Africa!
    South Africa
    Ind vs PAK Semi Final: PAK WINS

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    South Kallisrica?
    I am proud of this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    No im saying he's partly cross-eyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbinator View Post
    I thought of replying back to all the pessimism in this thread regarding India's chances in this WC, but then decided against it. All seems a bit of a knee-jerk reaction after only 2 proper games. Nonetheless, anything I say won't matter, all I can say is wait and watch; India will win this WC. Feel free to bump this if they don't, although I assure you all you won't be getting that chance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Turbinator View Post
    I've heard quite a few people say this, so let's take a trip down memory lane.

    T20 WC 2007 - India's first three matches

    Vs. Scotland - Rained out
    Vs. Pakistan - Match tied
    Vs. NZL - India lost by 10 runs

    Similarities much? Guess who won that tournament? Point is, we came back strong, it had only been 2 matches and far too early in the tournament.

    People are quick to point out my optimism and unrealistic hopes. But if I was to even agree to that, some of you have to agree you've been far too pessimistic and have overreacted to a grand total of two games. If this was any other team, some of you guys would go into the match threads as neutrals and say something along the lines of the team still being dangerous, peaking at the right time, and/or anything can happen in KO stages etc.

    My thinking behind this is that, India are a good ODI unit at home. Two games are too little to judge their chances off of. India have a great home record, and are a team that we've seen improve over the years. We just need to get back into form, and all it can take is one game. And if we play great cricket in the next 4 games, this cup is ours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbinator View Post
    Turb >>>>>>>>>> CW.. haterz can suck it..
    We miss you, Fardin. :(. RIP.
    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    In the end, I think it's so utterly, incomprehensibly boring. There is so much context behind each innings of cricket that dissecting statistics into these small samples is just worthless. No-one has ever been faced with the same situation in which they come out to bat as someone else. Ever.
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    You are boring.

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