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Thread: Which is the team that you would least want your side to face in a knockout clash...

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    Which is the team that you would least want your side to face in a knockout clash... this year's World Cup ?

    My list for India

    1) Australia
    2) Sri Lanka
    3) England
    4) Pakistan
    5) South Africa
    6) West Indies
    7) New Zealand

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    Depend on what happens in the ODI series coming up, but recently England have had a good record against us in tournaments. Add the Ashes, and they'd be the mob I'd be least comfortable against.

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    In the Semis or Finals, Pakistan.

    Before that, Sri Lanka.

    Because if Pakistan are playing well enough to reach the last four, any team is ****ed.
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    The reason I fear Australia the most is because they are insanely good under pressure.

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    We haven't lost an ODI tournament in 6 years, so it's hard to say.

    Probably England, thinking about it. India are pretty worrying as well.

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    Historically I'd say Australia, because they always seem to step up.

    However I feel we have the edge at the moment over them so will go for India as it seems all set up for them.
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    Pakistan is the team I'd most hate for us to lose to. Agree with your list, but would probably have them one or two places higher for that reason alone.

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    I fear nobody

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero View Post
    I fear nobody

    ...Don't say that.
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    I'd be so overjoyed with a knockout appearance that I wouldn't mind in the slightest.

    But since you asked, India. They're quite simply head and shoulders above everyone else at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teja. View Post
    Because if Pakistan are playing well enough to reach the last four, any team is ****ed.
    Well that was true when their team actually had limitless potential and constantly under-performed. It's just not that good as it stands IMO; if they're playing well enough to make the final four teams this time around I reckon that'll be their peak.

    Teams seem to acquire reputations merely by sharing a common name with teams gone by.
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    South Africa for me, Steyn is the one bowler in the world who can change a game in a few overs. He does that and you are out.

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    SL. They have a bloody good team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flibbertyjibber View Post
    South Africa for me, Steyn is the one bowler in the world who can change a game in a few overs. He does that and you are out.
    As i stated earlier Dale Steyn is NOT the best bowler in the world in the ODI format. Please check his ODI record.

    Bowling records | One-Day Internationals | Cricinfo Statsguru | ESPN Cricinfo

    It really is not great.

    considering India are the arch-rivals and we have NEVER beaten them in a world cup match (not even in 1992 when we won the world cup) and they also kicked us out of the world cup in a knock-out stage (we had a strong team back then in 96) and that I hate Bhajji's celebration style the most amongst all players.............I would have to say it is INDIA.
    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

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    I'd have to say Pakistan. I know there's no such thing as the law of averages, but they're due to beat us at the WC sometime, and I'd hate for that to happen in a knock out match. I still remember watching the '96 quarterfinal, and the Saeed Anwar and Aamir Sohail partnership gave me a sinking feeling like no other.
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