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Thread: If Australia wins the World Cup....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perm View Post
    Pretty unbeleivable, can't think of too many countries that have had such a stranglehold on World Cup games in the recent past, except maybe the Kangaroos League team.
    Yeah, Australia's cricketers have a way to go to match their League players. IIRC we won the WC in 1972, but Oz have held it since. In fact the 05 Tri Nations was the first test series they'd lost for over 20 years too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by irfan View Post
    Australia (esp. in WC), in cricket, however, play a more ruthless, effective game (think Hayden & McGrath) with a desire not necessarily to entertain the crowds but to achieve victory no matter what. .
    Yeah, hayden's so boring to watch.

    How could anyone derive any entertainment of watching him walk down the pitch and dismiss any bowler for huge 6's out of the island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    No, just a great ODI team for mine.
    Oh yes they are a very very good side but not as great as their results show them to be. Its more a commentary on the state of world cricket than anything else.

    I am sure even Australia would have been happier if the standards of opposition were better and their performances could be viewed objectively against the other great sides of the past.

    Its not their (Australia's) fault though. Nor their responsibility to improve world standards.

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    So which ODI sides in the past are 'great' then?
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