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Thread: Your attention please: thread openers/threads regarding world cup

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    Your attention please: thread openers/threads regarding world cup

    All the threads herein cricketweb regarding World Cup 2007 tend to focus on mainly top 8 teams. This tournament is a battle of 16 teams. Though I'm concerned the last 8 teams are weaker than the top 8 teams, I always have a question in my mind, is it fair for the rest of the 8 teams? Users opening threads containing polls and these all polls only concern top 8 teams. Why this tends should persist?

    I would like to take the chance to request all the users opening threads, please be fair to the rest of the 8 teams perticipating in this tournament. Thanks.

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    There are 16 teams???
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    Let's talk in about 2 weeks, shall we?

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    It's not disrespectful to disregard the 8 lesser teams, it's just realistic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdcricmad View Post
    I always have a question in my mind, is it fair for the rest of the 8 teams? .
    My guess the 8 "minnows" wouldn't give two craps if they were mentioned on Cricket Web or not...

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    Fairly certain the minnow teams have their own threads. Those are just on page 2 and 3, as they're obviously less popular than those pertaining to the top 8. Think about it. The fact that they're minnows tends to suggest a relative lack of fans on here, as compared to the major teams.

    Also, the World Cup is structured to ease the minnows out as soon as possible.
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