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Thread: Minnows and batting

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    Minnows and batting

    The "mismatch" stage of the WC warm-ups seemed to back up one of my therories. Allowing for the fact that India and England in the two matches I saw were probably trying to give as many players a hit as they could Holland and Bermuda's bowlers did not look out of their depth (especially ten Doescaate and Dwayne Leverock) but their batting was awful - especially Bermuda's - Hemp must be wondering what on earth he's let himself in for. The Ireland game (and Scotland's to a lesser extent) back this up. People reckon there will be batting records set against the minnows but I reckon its more likely to be bowling records that could go against the minnows. I am just glad Bermuda's batsmen won't face Lee/Bond/Shoaib or Ntini on a bouncy pitch as I reckon they could go for less than the all time low test score of 26 in that secnario. And remember in 2003 it was the best innings bowling figures (McGrath) and the lowest team score (36ao) were set in matches involving minnows. I reckon this might be because the minnows' bowlers are medium pacers/spinners so at least they are accurate - and accurate medium pace can do well in ODIs (like NZ in 1992) especially if the pitches are slow - whwereas the batsmen are totally unused to the quality of bowling (even Jon Lewis - who isn't fast - totally bamboozled Bermuda with his accuracy). Anyone got a reason why the minnow's batting seems to be worse than their bowling?
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    Not all the poor sides' bowlers are accurate, y'know - otherwise said bowlers would be better than they are, and the sides too...

    But yeah, I reckon there are more likely to be some silly bowling figures than silly batting ones this Cup. Not to rule-out the odd few silly batting scores, mind.
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    I think a large part of it is that a batsman can't get away with making as many mistakes as a bowler can, by and large. A bowler can bowl badly and take some lucky wickets, just as he can bowl well and get nothing. However, it's very difficult for a batsman to score an iffy century, just as it's very difficult to describe an innings as "good" if it only lasts 20 balls.

    Players at the lower levels make more mistakes all round, so the batsmen get out early, but the bowlers can get away without punishment for a much higher portion of their errors.

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