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View Poll Results: Which team had the worst road to the World Cup 2007?

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  • Australia

    2 11.11%
  • South Africa

    0 0%
  • Newzealand

    0 0%
  • India

    1 5.56%
  • West Indies

    0 0%
  • Sri Lanka

    0 0%
  • Pakistan

    14 77.78%
  • England

    1 5.56%
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Thread: Which team has had the worst road to the World Cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scmods View Post
    Pakistans is self inflicted for the most part.
    What, so it's the fault of the Pakistan team management that players have been injured by the dozen and still have traces of illegal substances ingested months ago in their bodies?

    Don't see how.
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    If road is the time since the last World Cup, then it's England.

    If you're talking, say, the last 3 months, I'd also go with Pakistan

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