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Thread: Super 8: WTF???

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    Super 8: WTF???

    OK, this is not only confusing but a little odd. Am I to believe that no matter what happens, if SA qualify, they will be A2?

    I guess that's nice from a travel point of view because you know where your team will play the S8. But in the case of SA it sucks a little because getting to Guyana is painful. Not to mention that it's not nearly as enticing as Antigua.

    We've chosen to go to Antigua anyway just because it has so much else to do. Pretty bummed that we won't se SA live but rooting for the WI against AU will be FUN!

    Help me understand this please.

    Many thanks


    PS - anyone know how to get to St. Kitts from Antigua? All the flights are booked
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