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Thread: Australia again?

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    Australia again?

    Australia will win the world cup once again, there might be a number of teams who are likely to do well but it all boils down to the match against australia. we have seen this time and time again that even if a team is in good form in a particular tournament, they never seem to be able to beat australia specially in the final, there is such a huge gap between the first and the second team that u might aswell compare the second team to a 5th or 6th ranked team then compare them to australia. If any team wants to think of winning the world cup, its the mental preparation of beating the current champions then anything else. thoughts???

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    I don't think you can say "never", in this case. Australia are still pretty comfortably the best ODI side in the world in my opinion, and at full strength there's no team that matches them player for player, but that doesn't mean that on any given day another side couldn't quite easily beat them, even in a final. All it takes is a batting collapse, a brilliant innings from one player, a great spell of bowling or whatever, and you're in a winning position in a knockout match.

    In this coming World Cup in particular, the teams ranked from 2 to 7 are all quite talented and have a number of quality players. Especially with the likelyhood of flat wickets and small grounds, any of them could concievably win the World Cup with a bit of luck.

    Having said all that, Australia are still the safe bet, and I think they might well make it three in a row.
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    Well, they're a good side, so its likely.
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    90% sure at this stage that they'll make it 3 in a row.

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    I basically agree with Fuller - I reckon Aus probably will win, but wouldn't bet against any of the other top seven sides. Well, maybe Pakistan, who will imo struggle without their best fast bowlers. So for me, any one of six will win the WC but probably Australia.

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    I am 90% sure that Australia WON'T win the WC. Obviously it is not based on logic but I have this really strong feeling that it will be some other side.

    And BTW, while I agree that man for man, this Aussie side (in ODIs, that is) is probably one of the best ever, it hasn't exactly translated on to performance on the field. Their matches are getting closer than they used and except in the finals, they are always in more than a spot of bother before they actually win the games these days. They just don't seem to be as dominant as they used to be, for some reason or the other.
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    can't see past a fully fit australia...if the ashes takes its toll and key players get injured or go out of form, other teams might just have a chance....

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    Australia are easily the favorites to win it all.
    It will require individual brilliance (Tendulkar, Lara, Ntini or Bond IMO) to defeat them.

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    I also have a bad feeling about this.
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    Every single team should aim to get Australia out as quickly as possible from the World Cup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zayn
    Every single team should aim to get Australia out as quickly as possible from the World Cup.
    easier said that done...

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