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Thread: World Cup pitches questionable

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    World Cup pitches questionable

    After a successful pre-tournament briefing in the Caribbean last week, many have been optimistic for a smoothly-run World Cup, but doubts have been raised over the 11 pitches that will be used for the tournament.

    In fact, most of these pitches will not have seen play by the time the World Cup begins in March.

    "Most of them [the pitches] will be brand new; a few will have some sort of play on them before the tournament, but it's definitely going to be a journey into the unknown for all teams, including the hosts," New Zealand manager Lindsay Crocker said. "Merely upgrading the outfields so that they're sand-based and able to drain well is likely to make some sort of difference to the pitches."

    Most of the World Cup's venues are still under reconstruction, too, so a clear picture of what the tournament might turn out to be cannot yet be guessed at, despite the enthusiasm surrounding its administration.

    However, Crocker was upbeat: "I can't imagine cricket events that have been better organised.

    "Any fears we might have had in terms of logistical arrangements have been well and truly allayed."

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    Thanks for an intersting read big man Warwick!

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    If this means a couple of low-scoring thrillers, well it could make the tournament a classic.
    "I am very happy and it will allow me to have lot more rice."

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