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Thread: A case of sour grapes!

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    A case of sour grapes!

    Another case of sour grapes

    PTI[ THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2003 11:07:48 PM ]

    LONDON: Ashish Nehra’s splendid bowling performance in the World Cup match against England came in for praise by the British media on Thursday but a sour note was sought to be introduced by a leading daily which churlishly suggested that the anti-doping unit should be alerted immediately.

    “Ashish smokes out sorry England” was a typical headline in the morningers which also said that England choked again when it mattered the most.

    Like other papers,The Guardian praised the stupendous spell of fast bowling of Nehra but in a curious comment its correspondent said “the anti-doping unit should be alerted immediately; a cricketer surely could face suspension for having traces of a performance-enhancing drug in his name”.

    This comment will revive the perennial debate — whether the Englishmen are whiners — which was sparked off by Sunil Gavaskar who had termed the England team as “champion whingers” during their tour of India for persistently complaining about the facilities and itinerary.

    “Pitter-pattering in, Akram-like, from Kingsmead’s Umegeni End, Nehra found pace and, crucially, movement that for the most part had eluded England’s bowlers before the daylight went and the pitch greened up in the evening air,”The Guardian said.

    Yet another daily, The Times, compared 23-year Nehra to Pakistan speedster Wasim Akram at his most inspired.

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    What's new :rolleyes:
    I guess it takes all kinds. Best to ignore them.. unless it comes from players/public figures.

    Currently, Shoiab is another guy whose physique is being attributed to performance enhancing drugs.

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    Speculation and Rumors are stupid. I wouldnt worry about it Nehrafan and other fellow Indian supporters, British Tabloids are generally full of crap anyway.

    Its because of genuine hard work and determination to be a good bowler. Not everything is done through a back door.
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    I don't even think Warne ever took steroids, he was just stupid and not a cheat.
    As for tabloid story, i think thats crap!

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    Sounds like another "anyone who beats us is probably cheating" mentality. We see this everywhere.

    Personally, I agree with Master Blaster - genuine hard work and determination.

    He may not be an Akram yet, he may never be an Akram, but yesterday was his day.

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    Oh crikey I guess it lost something in the translation!

    Ashish sounds quite like Hashish (another word for Cannabis)

    The writer was joking about his name, that's all!

    He was not casting a slur on anyone - just trying humour!
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    "..for having traces of a performance-enhancing drug in his name."

    should have given us a clue!

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    haha... i was wondering why everyone was compalining...
    life's a gift thats why they call it the present

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    We're slow..

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    Yep, sorry to all the guys who misunderstood (especially the Indians) but it's a fine example of English humour

    I must confess I did a quick double-take myself but then when I re-read the article I thought that it was pretty good.

    The duck would have been proud of it

    <quack> I deliberately left it alone because I thought it might be misunderstood

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    Newspapers over here are usually full of un-funny puns and, as MB said, loads of crap. Don't worry about it. I've read that Nehra only got his haul because of the lights, which has some truth in it as when the English bowlers bowled earlier in the day there was no swing despite Anderson defeating the Pakistanis for swing a few days earlier. But to say it was all because of the lights is missing the point. Ok the match was curtailed by the lights but they still bowled well.

    As for a case of sour grapes, I've seen worse, and it involves pictures of players and fire...
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