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Thread: Player Statistics

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    Player Statistics

    I know you want people to visit the site more often Blewy, and I encourage it. However, there is no spot on the site for player stats and Dave and Simon obviously have a lot of work to do, so it could be a while before player stats are up on the site. Now normally I would do my own and not worry about it, however I have been having computer problems for about a month, so I can't really save any documents without any confidence that I won't lose them. So what I'm asking is, could we get the player stats with the scorecards, at least until they are a regular addition to the site?
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    Actually you are incorrect, there is a spot for the stats, however i took it off the main page, as it contained last seasons stats, when i put the current stats up i will link it back on the page.

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    Cheers Dave you beat me to it...

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