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Thread: <<<World Club Cricket Herald>>>

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    <<<World Club Cricket Herald>>>

    I reckon this thread has great potential. What happens is that when managers are bored they can write a basic news article, at whatever length they feel like. It could be an article about giving their general thoughts about their squad, for instance Cloete could start overrating his team *meh* or Mr. Ponting complaining as per usual about his one day sides constant struggles. Or perhaps it could be a simple press release or even they could write articles that spark controversy about players drunken behaviour getting them suspended (in the injury thing).

    It would be awesome and stuff.

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    Guyana Announce Love as Captain for Season 5

    The Guyana Cricket Board today announce Division One recruit Marin Love as captain for Season 5. Love's appointment comes as replacement for Neil McKenzie who will not be a regular member of the one day side this year. The GCB felt it was important for the on-field captain to be a regular member of both sides.

    Martin Love said that he releashed the oportunity to take the reigns of the Guyana side which look impressive for season 5.

    "I did not get to play that much for Queensland last season, so to get this opportunity to lead a team of the future is exciting." Said Love.

    While disapointed in not being retained as captain for Season five McKenzie said he understood the decision.

    "The GCB have worked hard in the offseason to build a successful team that showed promising signs last year, and will hopefully make even bigger strides this year." McKenzie said.

    "With the wealth of talent joining the squad for Season five I couldn't justify holding a spot in the One Day side on captaincy alone. However, in saying that, I haven't given up all hope of playing One Day cricket this year.

    "While I won't be a regular member of the One Day side I will still be vice-captain of the Four Day team and hopefully a regular contributer."

    Vice captain of the One Day side is Jermaine Lawson.
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    Warwickshire announced today that they are happy with their build up for the up coming season. With the squad finally complete following the signings of Ismael Nelson and Ravi Kripal Singh the sides is ready to head to Dubai for what is hoped to become an annual 9 day tour to the UAE. The squad flies out tomorrow with Nelson and Singh meeting them in Dubai as they check out from Mumabi. Once there the team will play 3 one dayers and a four day match.

    Manager Kurt Christensen who recently signed a 3 season extension onto his current 5 season deal following Warwickshire's championship glory last season in division 3 one day, appears very pleased with the way things are shaping up. "Hopefully this trip will help us sort out combinations for the up coming season. Although most players have their positions sorted out their are a couple of positions I'm still unsure about."

    The team known as Dubai Cricket Club aren't expected to put up much of a fight, with captain Jahangir Khan expecting the Warwickshire to bury them in all 4 games. "We're a team made solely of amateurs. We'll give it out best shot, but at the end of the day it's participation, not winning that counts."

    It is also expected that with Warwickshire forming this partnership, that they seem likely to sign a multi million dollar sponsor deal with Emirates Airlines, which will be concluded during their tour.

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    Good idea Nibbs, i like it...

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    Good idea m8...I'll come up with something soon -MSN

    Quote Originally Posted by Cricinfo
    Hello and welcome back
    Rain has stopped and palyers are back in the middle
    Play is about to stop

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    Quote Originally Posted by nibbs
    Mr. Ponting complaining as per usual about his one day sides constant struggles.
    LOL!!! So true, my bad.

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    South Australia Cool Interest in Colts Star

    Following news of the aquision of Jarrod Taylor from Kiwi club Northern Districts, South Australia have announced they will no longer be heating up their chase for M Beasley from Colts. "Beasley was a major target of ours, wen we sat down to look at possible names he was the first to come up"
    Word has is that Colts missed the midday deadline to get back to the Redbacks, the offer of star Ben Allen was set to be too good to refuse, however SA officials decided to withdraw the offer and have a look for a bowler.
    Coach Fitzsimmons also had this to say, "We have plenty of batsman, but probably lacked one more bowler, hes a likely starter in both forms for us, so we're delighted hes come on board."
    Although being late in the off season fitzsimmons has said theres plenty of work still to be done before we host Karnakata on day 1. While being confident he reinterated his respect for the opposition team. "they have plenty of great players and will put in a big effort to beat us, im looking foward to catching up with stewie maxwell again for the first time since he left ACT at the end of season 3.

    So with this news today SA have completed trading and this leaves Colts in a position to keep their star all rounder, a good outcome for everyone.

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    Ismael Nelson announced today that he was pleased to being joining Warwickshire. "This is a really exciting move for me. I get to link up with Ben Gregson. Together I think we'll be able to form one of the most feared opening pairings in World Club Cricket. Furthermore I'll check a chance for revenge on Western Province."

    Nelson is clearly still bitter and spiteful about his exit from Western Province. I thought I'd be there for quite some time. Instead they turned around and stabbed me in the back. Beating would satisfying, but ultimately I want to win another title."

    The aquisistion of Nelson means that Warwickshire have a fantastic bowling line up. Heading the draft they had massive concerns especially around the bowling side of things, but they can now boast, Nelson, Gregson, Williams Jones, S Fernando and Damien Wright.

    When asked about his sides one day title prospects Manager Kurt Christensen didn't want to get carried away. "I'll be happy if we can stay above in division two. It's a whole new ball game up here. Tamil Nadu looked different to the team we faced last season. I think that they're the favourites. Kent and Queensland can't be far behind though. If we can pick a game or two off of them, then that should put us in good stead. Obviously Western Australia will be the easy beats."

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    Tamil Nadu Bounce Back

    After Warickshire confirmed the services of the extremely talented Nelseon TN had to do something to pull level. Neslon has been the start bowler at Western Province and Gregson at Warickshire, with the two combined it seems a lethal partnership that can strike fear into any batitng line-up.

    Manager Andrew Cloete stated that he was sure his 4D bowling attack was better than nibblet's however his batting might be weaker. With three bowlers havign strike rate's in the 30's (Porter 35, Maqbool 37 and Kumble 38) and a few others in the low 40's he felt confident of his bowling. However in the One Day side of htings it was different, Porter and Maqbool were only really one form players which counted out two bowlers. However after the trade today he had this to say, "Well the acquisition of Nelson is rally going to bolster Warickshire's bowling after releasing Kevin Dean. However in 4D Nelson will be around 42 and Gregson 38. So TN's Four-Day bowling is certainly looking stronger. But Nelson with a strike rate of 27 adds alot to Warickshire's one-day team. But we are extremely pleased to announce the signing of both Owen Cardew and Kevin Weekes. Owen has been a target for us through the whole trading process and after Dylan had made a few traes he was indire need of a few batsman. So at the price of one star batsman and a decent bowler he accepted a trade involving two of Tamil's most inportant bats. While it takes something away from our squad depth it does add alot to the first team, and it's great to see such a big name come to TN. Kevin Weekes will also be a valuable member of our OD team, with a strike rate of 28.52 he is the missing bowling TN have been needing. Kevin also provide's backup for Four-Day with a solid strike rate of 55."

    So far Tamil's expected teams(And stats) are looking like this:


    1. Z Birch 53
    2. V Chandrasekhar 53
    3. G Eaton 58
    4. O Cardew 55
    5. K Powar 47
    6. Y Porter 36 s/r 35
    7. M Trescothick WK
    8. F Maqbool 30 s/r 37
    9. N Kumble 21 s/r 38
    10. B Pandit 16 s/r 47
    11. J Bennett 7 s/r 44

    One Day:

    1. Z Birch 45
    2. G Eaton 43
    3. V Chandrasekhar 52
    4. O Cardew 46
    5. K Powar 43
    6. M Parlane 36 WK
    7. T Sharkey 31 s/r 35
    8. B Pandit 16 s/r 28
    9. K Weekes 16 s/r 28
    10. N Kumble 9 s/r 27
    11. J Bennett 7 s/r 29

    In further news TN have all but finished trading but Cloete stated they were still on the lookout for a decent 4D bat or a good OD bat!
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    With no further trading likely unless sensible offers arise, LANCASHIRE'S lineups for Season 5 will look like this:

    Four Day

    R.Dravid (wk) 54
    S.Stanton 50
    M.Hayden (capt) 50
    A.Anderton 45
    H.Amla 45
    V.Bharadwaj 45
    M.Kaif 40
    H.Fernando 31 (SR 41 ER 2.9)
    W.Pointer 16 (SR 37 ER 3.0)
    K.Hogg 16 (SR 50 ER 3.4)
    Q.Boxall 4 (SR 50 ER 2.9)

    One Day

    A.Anderton 44
    G.Kumar 44
    S.Stanton 43
    K.Harvey 43 (SR 42 ER 4.8)
    M.Hayden (capt) 42
    M.Kaif 41
    R.Dravid (wk) 33
    V.Bharadwaj 26 (SR 39 ER 4.5)
    F.Carter 15 (SR 31 ER 5.1)
    K.Hogg 12 (SR 31 ER 2.9)
    Q.Boxall 9 (SR 33 ER 3.3)

    In a surprise announcement, manager Graham Banks revealed that veteran Aussie M.Hayden would captain Lancashire in both FC and OD games this season.
    This decision was part of the transfer package that enticed Hayden to leave Tamil Nadu and had the full backing of former captain R.Dravid.
    Dravid stated that Hayden was a legend and could hopefully provide the side with the inspiration required to survive in the top echelon in what could prove to be the side's most difficult season yet. The decision to make Hayden captain was also a mark of respect in what could be the great man's swansong season.
    Dravid is the only surviving squad member from Season One and will probably take over the captaincy reins yet again upon Hayden's imminent retirement.
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    Warwickshire manager Kurt Christensen was baffled as to why Tamil Nadu manager Andrew Cloete felt the need to draw comparisons between their respective sides. Warwickshire will only face Tamil Nadu is the shorter version of the game, and that is all that really matters.

    The Warwickshire one day side has pulled together rather nicely in the end. From what seemed like an average side set to fight for their place in division 2, now looks like a team who might have a decent chance at perhaps going close to a top 2 spot.

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    Talented young batsmen Zeehan Kaye who also captains the Tasmanian Team has been seen around Hobart with hot tennis star Maria Sharapova.. after the 2 were spotted they made a quick get away in Kaye's 300zx Twin Turbo.
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    Queensland will be keeping Jimmy Maher as skipper for this season. Season 4 was a solid one finishing third in both competitions in Division 2. We will be looking for promotion in both comps this season. The bowling has been strengthened with the acquisition of Salvi and the rookie Evans. The batting is about the same as last season, solid but not spectacular.

    Farhat will add some all round ability especially to the one day squad. Tikolo was required as the 5th bowler in the one dayers last season and really wasn't good enough.

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    Following demmands from supporters, Colts manager age_master today broke his silence and appeared for a media conference with 2 of his star players, W Anderson and B Lee.

    age_master: First of all i would like to thank all of you for coming. I would like to start today by outlining our plans for the next season. After the retirement of our captain Lance Klusener at the end of last season we began looking for possible candidates, a tough choice considering the number of senior players we had. In the end though, the choice was obvious. no player has had as much influence on the club im my tima as manager as W Anderson. he has scored alot of runs and player a heck of alot of key innings. its now also his job to guide the side back from its slump after season 2 and win some titles. B Lee will be his deputy. His experience playing in so many places and for a number of quality teams will be vital.

    Colts CC management hope that this will prove the most effective leadership of the club so far.

    This season we have decided to focus more on the longer version of the game after what i could only call an embarassment in division 4 last season. We have drafted well with the ball, players like Hawkins, Cook, Venkat and Raza will all add alot to the attack. Hawkins and Cook are expected to take on alot of the workload this season. We have also traded in some very good
    batsmen in the longer version of the game with the likes of Pieterson and Laxman, who will likley take up positions 3 and 5 in the batting order. For the first time we have also traded in a wicket keeper instead of relying on the draft. L Ronchi will be a fantastic asset for the club for many years to come, both with the goves and with the bat in his hands.

    The divisions we find ourselves in this season are the same as the last, 4 in 4 dayers and 2 in 1 dayers, we will particularly be looking to boost our 4 day division. Doing that will be no mean feat however. with Goffy in charge of ACT they will be a very powerful force and should be deserving favourites to take out the division. however beyond that the divsion looks nowhere near as tough as last season. in the One dayers we face sides like Kent and Tamil Nadu, which look tough but both sides, like ours are aimed more at the 4 dayer crown in their respective divisions. should be a good battle but we would certainly want to be contenders for the title nearing the end of the season.

    we will now take some questions.

    Q. Recently the SA manager claimed that you were looking to trade M Beasley for B Allen, but missed a deadline. is

    this the case?

    A. age_master: I recently had discussions with the SA manager, inwhich a possible trade was discussed. This trade was however in no way fomalised, i listened to the offer,as i always do, said i would think about it, notify WP - who were very keen on Beasley in the past, and get back to him. AT NO TIME however did he mention any deadline for the trade to me, there is no way that i would be that disorganisedanised.

    Q. Some rate this as the weakest colts side since you began managing the club, how do you respond to such accusations.

    A. age_master: Suggestions like that are absolutle crap. when i took over the club we had none of the current crop of players, and no stars like we do now like Anderson, Beasley, Lee etc. we hardly had any batsmen at all and our bowlers struggled when the number of overs they had to bowl rose about 25. not one player from that team would make the current side.

    Q. Why havn't you had made any public comments since the close of last season?

    A. age_master: I was extreamly dissapointed with our performance as a team so we have been at a closed training camp

    since the end of last season in Broome in an attempt to strengthen our side for this season.

    Q. Last season the batting was a weakness, yet you seem to have strengthened your bowling more than your batting for the coming season?

    A. age_master: While that may seem the case through the draft we have recruited players like Laxman, Ronchi and Pieterson through trading which will strengthen the batting overall.

    Q. Whats it like to be named captain of one of the clubs in WCC who are batting for identity and could fall over if there arn't better results this season?

    A. W Anderson: I hardly think that this club will fall over if we dont improve our results. cricket is a complex game and form slumps arn't always easy to get out of. All we can do this season is look to perform well as a team, and individually we have to give 110%.

    Q. Yesterday you traded one of the better young keepers in the competition to Free State for a seemingly inferior keeper, is there some sort of tactic in place here of is the club just being charitable?

    A. age_master: In some ways it was an act of charity, Free state's previous manager left the club in a pretty harendous state for a largley unknown reason. their stocks of 4d players were particularly low, and seeing as Ambose was probably goping to spend a large part of this season on the bench i thought it would be a nice thing to do to trade him to FS.

    Q. Given the state of the clubs bating stocks its hardly in a position to be charitable.

    A. age_master: As i said Ambrose was likley to spend the bulk of the season on the bench as the reserve keeper, as such i didn't see a need to keep him at the club doing nothing, maybe playing only one or two games during the season.

    Q. As vice captain Brett, you will obviously be taking on a leading role with the ball, but also in teaching some of the younger bowlers in your squad. which of these bowlers do you think will perform the best in the coming season.

    A. B lee: well mate we have alot of taleneted young bowlers at the club at the moment and mate, i reakon that hawkins might be the pick of the rest of the bowlers, hes got alot of pace, similar to myeslf mate, and he doesn't take as many wickets as me mate, but he hardly has any runs scored off him, so i think we will have a good bowling partnership mate.

    Q. Which side do you rate as the best in the competition going into the season, and do you think any sides will spring

    out of the woodwork like Victoria did last season?

    A. age_master: Well i think that SA will still be a very difficalt side to beat, though Karna will always be dangerous. i dont think SA will be as successful as last season, though they will probably still end up with the title. outside division 1 i think TN will do very well this season, though the manager only seemingly wants to beat Warwickshire. if they are going to make a name for themselves i think it has to be this season, i really cant see them getting any better than they are now. Free State should also do quite well in division 5.

    Q. What about in terms of individual players?

    A. age_master: outside of my own team i expect players like Allen, Darden and Llewellyn to pile on the runs, and bowlers like N Kumble, O Clarke, Stratton to take loads of wickets. surprises are too hard to pick with individual players, anyone can perform or not, its up to the individual to give thier best.

    Q. What are your thoughts on the new cup format?

    A. W Anderson: I think it will be good to have a slight change from the normal fixtures, will be good for the crowds too, my only other suggestion would be to take the game to the people and play all the games at neutral venues al around the rest of the world.

    B Lee: I agree, i would love to get teh chance to play in places like the USA, Canada, maybe even Fiji or Vanuatu.

    age_master: well thanks for coming but we should get back to training, if there is demmand we can hold another

    conference later this week, thanks again.
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    NSW News Confrence

    MANAGER and Coach Bugs Malone today had a press confrence at the home of cricket, the scg.

    media: How your plans for this up coming season sir bugs?

    Sir Bugs: yer we have recruited well in the offseason (one of the longest ever i think) but we have a good strong bowling attack and the batsmen we have should and will show alot of promise.

    media you think you will miss bevo and lara?

    Sir Bugs yer they are big shoes to fill. but bevo is know our fitness coach and has put together a very good fitness resume for the boys to muscle up with. lara will be missed but he stated he wanted to finish his career in the act where my good friend blewy has moved to, but the likes of shetty,martin and southam will just lift and become the new guns of nsw.

    media q moore the gun rookie. how do you think he will travell?

    Sir Bugs look we dont expect him to come out this year and take 100 wickets @ 10 and set the world on fire, however it is his first year so we will gradually work with him. like d ferguson, he has shown alot of promise and is gradually becoming the bowler we want him to be. this year he has alot of solid bowlers to look up at, bulbeck, feguson etc so it should be a good year for him and we will see him grow with confidence.

    media how do you guys see your selves going this year!

    Sir Bugs we where a little dissappointing last year but we need to get back on track with 4d and get them back into div 1 and with one day i would like to push for the tittle again. with the vb cup i dont see why we can not win it for the 2nd time with the squad we have.

    Sir Bugs sorry guys thats all i have time for, hitting the nets but i will be holding a press confrence every week after our home games, so stay tuned.

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