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Thread: Academy Four Day Round 8 - Match Reports and Results

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    Academy Four Day Round 8 - Match Reports and Results

    Post your match reports here.

    Am posting cause Jason (Argo) is on holidays. Hope you guys dont mind.



    Border XI vs Sobers XI
    Sobers XI 199 (L.Yapp 55, G.Roll 4/22)
    Border XI 419 (O.Cole 137, G.Roll 75*, C.Bassano 54, P.Baig 6/103)
    Sobers XI 170 (S.Carlisle 32, G.Roll 5/29, Z.Gratrix 2/32)
    Border XI won by an Innings and 50 runs
    Man of the Match: G.Roll (75*, 4/22, 5/29)


    Botham XI vs Ranatunga XI
    Botham XI 234 (N.Tunnicliff 55, V.Solanki 52, J.Yajuvindra 3/52, R. Roach 3/61
    Ranatunga XI 227 (W.Denny 70, H.Twentyman 3/50, U.Swanton 3/52)
    Botham XI 137 (I.Cook 5/21)
    Ranatunga XI 2/146 (R.Key 47, H.Lacey 1/17)
    Ranatunga XI won by 8 wickets
    Man of the Match: I.Cook (9, 2/32, 5/21, 1 Catch)


    Gavaskar XI vs Flower XI
    Gavaskar XI 262 (K.Andrews 62, Z.Marshall 56, A.Adams 2/31
    Flower XI 277 (S.Friend 82, T.Sharkey 5/93, H.Aston 3/41)
    Gavaskar XI 363 (T.Powell 92, G.Burns 73, C.Evans 71, A.Adams 4/77, O.Rai Singh 3/54)
    Flower XI 225 (C.Rogers 67, J.Srinath 43*, D.Mohammad 5/53)
    Gavaskar XI won by 93 runs
    Man of the Match: T.Powell (10, 92*, 5 Catches)


    Hadlee XI vs Imran Khan XI
    Hadlee XI 7/714d (D.Cowe 215, D.Hemp 213, E.Smith 84, H.Bentall 51)
    Imran Khan XI 365 (F.Hammett 113, D.Ganga 70, W.Kitson 4/77, I.Bentall 3/136 )
    Imran Khan XI 409 (F.Hammett 162*, M.Higgs 53, C.Dagnall 3/79)
    Hadlee XI 1/18 (A.Wharf 1/7)
    Hadlee won by 9 wickets
    Man of the Match: F.Hammett(113, 162*, 1/86)


    Bradman XI vs Pollock XI
    Bradman XI 481 (F.Yapp 119, H.Wilkins 111, O Wessels 68, B.Pandit 8/128)
    Pollock XI 119 (R.Ezard 4/34, R.Porter 3/24)
    Pollock XI 245 (M.Samuels 59, Q.Bloom 42, R.Porter 5/64
    Bradman XI won by an Innings and 117 runs.
    Man of the Match: R.Porter (3/24, 5/64)

    4 Day Points Table:
    Bradman XI 114
    Sobers XI 95
    Flower Xi 83
    Border XI 77
    Imran Khan XI 67
    Pollock XI 58
    Hadlee XI 55
    Ranatunga XI 43
    Botham XI 41
    Gavaskar XI 40
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    Ferd has not been seen since the last loss and was not availible for comment.
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    Gavaskar's XI celebrate first win in 6 games

    A hundred run opening partnershp for Gavaskar's XI was the start of something great as they powered their way to a win against the odds. A first innings total of 262 was a mediocre total for Gav's XI, especially after they were 2/154. Both openers scored 50's but after that only Mohammed (30) colud get past 20. The match seemed to be out of reach at one stage with Flower's XI 3/204. But a great spell of bowling from Sharkey who finished with 5/93 but at one stage had 0/60 resricted them to 277.

    In a complete turn around from their usual second innings colapse saw Gavaskar's XI make 363 and gave them a 348 lead. T.Powell led the batting charge with 92* and he was backed up by Burns(73), Evans(71) and Andrews(59). Some tight bowling from Gav's XI saw them reach their first victory in 6 games. " It was a great win and the batsmen really showed some skill in the second innings" said an ecstatic DarkHunter who experienced his first win as manager.

    Gav's XI ao/262
    K.Andrews - 63
    Z.Marshall - 56

    Flower's XI ao/277
    S.Friend - 85
    T.Sharkey - 5/93
    H.Aston - 3/41

    Gav's XI ao/363
    T.Powell - 92*
    G.Burns - 73
    C.Evans - 71
    K.Andrews - 59
    A.Adams - 4/77
    O.Rai Singh - 3/54

    Flower's XI ao/255
    C.Rogers - 67
    D.Mohammed - 5/53

    MOM - T.Powell
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    Border XI manager pleased about his teams upset win over top of the table, Sobers XI.

    Border manager Dave had this to say: "What a fantastic win. We went into the match as the underdogs coming off our recent losses to lower teams in the comp. They boys put in 110% and it payed off."

    "Sobers was sent in to bat. With one of their openers scooping a ball back to Z.Truscott for 0, it set the scene for a awsome bowling performance. The other oponer, Yapp, dug his heals in a bit and scored a respectable 55 untill he tickled one behind. Apart from that there was hardly any fight in the Sobers XI batting lineup. With G.Roll carving through the middle and lower orders picking up 4/22 off 10 overs. This had them all out for 199. What a surprise this was."

    "It was our shot to have a bat. We sent I.Underwood in to open the batting for a change, and it payed off. With Underwood scoring a very respectable 41. Hinds our long time opener scored a quick 24 before finding himself trapped in front. Enter Bassano. He was scoring fluently and his strokeplay was top class. Combined with Cole, these 2 were scoring freely and carving up the Sobers XI attack. Bassano was the first to go on 54. This left Cole at the crease still, who was batting himself into form. The longer he stayed at the crease the better he got. There wasnt a stable batter down the other end, and he found himself losing parrtners frequently, untill our hero with the ball, G.Roll came to the crease. His form from the bowling continued onto his batting, and he combined with Cole. Cole got trapped in front for a fantastic 137. While our number 9 batsman went on to make a unbeaten 75*. All out for 419."

    "There was no resistance from the Sobers XI batting lineup in their second innings, with the bowling hero from the first innings taking the honours once again. Roll picked up 5/29 off 15 overs, a magnificent effort which earned him a well deserved Man of the Match. "

    "News just came through that Ferd, the manager of Sobers XI has been missing now for 24 hours after his teams shock loss against us. There have been reported sightings of him locked in the Sobers XI clubrooms. These are yet to be confirmed i hear."

    "In other news, I have just seen the 2 double centuries by Hemp and Cowe for the Hadlee XI. Amazing Effort that."

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    For the academy managers please note that I have edited the pointes table as it was inaccurate.

    Thanks to Aust Hitman for posting the results.

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    Flower's XI continue slump

    Press conference with manager DJellett:

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