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Thread: South Australian Crickets Don Bradman Medal Night

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    South Australian Crickets Don Bradman Medal Night

    The stars gathered the Red Carpets for the Innaugural Don Bradman Medal Night for South Australian Cricketer of the Year...

    Everyone who is anyone was there, the stars though being the South Australian cricketers who this season destroyed the opposition in the WCC...

    The Night kicked off with a brilliant 3 course meal, before Host Simon O'Donnell got the official part of the night underway...

    The voting was to be conducted in the same manner as the Brownlow and Allan Border Medal nights, where round by round the votes would be tallied with Six Awards being handed out though the night, and then the big one at the end, The Don Bradman Medal for South Australian Player of the Year...

    The night started with the early rounds of both One Day and 4 Day Competition being tallied.. After Three Rounds were completed, the One Day Leader was Heath Axelby, whilst Leading the Four Day race was Rob Stratton, The Overall race was a close one with 5 players in very close contention..

    A Break was then taken to announce the Bowler of the Year Award, The winner Heath Axelby...

    The Tally then re-commenced with rounds four thru Seven being tallied, The Four Day race was extremely conjested with 5 players within a Man of the Match performance of each other, Whilst One Day was just as close with 4 players within the same margin..
    At the front of the Overall race Rob Stratton had bridged a little gap but with 4 players in hot pursuit he needed some good points in the last few rounds to keep clear...

    Next on the Agenda was the VB Cup Player of the Year, This season the VB Cup would also count toward the Overall points so performances in the 2 games were crucial, and the winner of the VB Cup Player of the Year with a total of 9 Points, Heath Axelby...

    This also brought the Overall Player of the Year tally closer and with 3 games to go in each form of the game any of 6 people could win it...

    Next Award for the Night was the Batsman of the Year and the Winner for the 3rd time in 3 seasons, Darren Lehmann...

    Two more Rounds of the Bradman Medal were then tallied and with Stratton Polling well he maintained a lead but could still be wound in with 1 round of each form remaining..

    The Next Award was the SACA Rookie of the Year Award, The winner Vic Oliver who in Four Day scored 553 runs @ 42 and also took 28 Wickets @ 29, A great performance from the youngster..

    So to the Final Round of One Day votes and to see who won the One Day Player of the Year award, After 9 Rounds 2 Men were locked equal on 25 points but with one scoring 2nd best on ground and the other managing only 4th best on Ground The gap was opened and a winner decided, The Winner of the One Day player of the Year.........

    Rob Stratton....

    Strattons One Day Stats:
    264 @ 58.8 & 15 Wickets @ 22.33

    The Final Tally for the One Day player of the Year Award

    R.Stratton 29 Votes
    H.Axelby 27 Votes
    S.Bond 18 Votes
    M.Jenkins 17 Votes
    D.Lehmann 16 Votes

    With 2 Awards remaining Next was to reveal the Four Day Votes from the Final Round...
    Going into the final round of Four Day voting the award was in the grasp of 4 players, and with 2 of those players recieveing best and 2nd best on ground it was a very close call, but the winner with 25 votes and dual medal winner........

    Vic Oliver

    Olivers Four Day Stats
    553 runs @ 42 & 28 Wickets @ 29...

    The Final Tally for the Four Day player of the Year Award

    V.Oliver 25 Votes
    R.Stratton 23 Votes
    B.Dennet 19 Votes
    D.Lehmann 18 Votes
    M.Jenkins 14 Votes

    After All the Votes were tallied and the Weighting four each form of the game, The Votes were handed to South Australian Manager who revealed the Top 5 positions...

    5th .... Vic Oliver - 250 votes
    4th .... M.Jenkins - 259 votes
    3rd .... H.Axelby - 294 votes
    2nd .... D.Lehmann - 307 votes

    But the winner of the Innaugural Don Bradman Medal for South Australian Cricketer of the Year with a stagering 468 votes...

    Rob Stratton......

    A brilliant effort by the young Allrounder who after a slow 1st season in the WCC has stepped up to be one of if not the premiere allrounder in the WCC.....

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    Robert Stratton must be the best player in WCC ATM. Oh, how I wish I had an allrounder of his quality *stops dreaming*. He is a top player is better than A Jones fo sho.

    How does this voting system work? I'm intrigued...
    "Matt Damon"

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    Man i didn't even know H Axelby existed until reading this sounds quite impressive.
    It's my birthday soon Blewy can u give him to me for free
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