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Thread: Night of Nights

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    Night of Nights

    Tonight Yorkshire Phoenix had their night of nights.
    All players turned up with special guests Alan Border and Ian Botham.
    The night started with a stir as Jason Pike the Manager of Yorkshire stepped out of his limo with Denise Richards.

    THe first award was for the one day player of the season
    Craig White took this with G. Stead not far behind

    The second was for the four day player of the season. This was close with White and Richardson on joint honours.

    The last was for the overall player of the season and it wasnt hard to know that Craig White took this home.

    D. West was honoured with outstanding rookie and is sured of a game next season.

    Blakey was honoured as well as he retired at the end of the current season with a great batting average and fine work with the gloves through his many years.
    Traded players were given a farewell and by the end of the night to be truthfully honest everyone was smashed.
    Making 3rd in 4d was a great effort beating teams like queensland and sa.
    Relegation in 1d was inevitable from the start of the season but we are hoping for promotion back next season.

    All the best for next season and May the Phoenix(Yorkshire Phoenix) be with you
    You have just read a post from Jason Pike, he is what you wish you were

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    very nice. nsw will also have a night of nights

    black tie affair
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    Originally posted by bugssy
    black tie affair
    Wouldnt expect any less from nsw

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    Western Province to Celebrate

    On a barmy evening in Western Province, cricketer's from all grade's joined together for the annual Wester Province Awards Night. At the conclusion of a moderately successful season for the side, the awards were going to be hotley contested amongst both international and local stars.

    The first award of the night was the OD player of the year.
    The nominee's were
    1. S Akhtar
    2. G Smith
    3. A Dawson
    In the end A Dawson provided an upset as he won the even with a bowling avg of 23 and a respectable year with the bat.

    The second award was the Team Spirit award. To be awarded to the player who did something in true sportsmanship like fashion throughout the year
    The nominee's were
    1. A Mullally (For rescuing an old man from a bar braul at night)
    2. R Telemachus (For apologising to every batsman he got out throughout the year)
    3. G Kirsten (For being a captain who didn't sleep with his vice captain's wife)
    In the end G Kirsten won the award

    The third award was the Four Day player of the year
    The nominee's were
    1. R Telemachus
    2. G Smith
    3. H Ackermann
    In another upset R Telemachus took the award for a wonderful season of bowling.

    The fourth night being the manager's award for being a champ
    the nominee's were
    1. Slats4ever
    2. Ian Markus
    3. Slats4ever
    And the winner was all 3

    The final award was the all round player of the year.
    The nominee's were
    1. g Smith
    2. R Telemachus
    3. A Dawson
    No surprises this time as Graeme smith did it easy and took the player of the year.
    Well done WP on a great year, see you all at training next week.
    WCC - Manager of Warwickshire

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    Re: Western Province to Celebrate

    Originally posted by Slats4ever

    The fourth night being the manager's award for being a champ
    the nominee's were
    1. Slats4ever
    2. Ian Markus
    3. Slats4ever
    And the winner was all 3

    hahahahaha i would have veto'd that one :P
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    Warwickshire produced a spectacular evening to honour its elite for season 2, in WCC. The show was kicked off by new Bears mascot Humphrey B. Bear. Humphrey had nothing to say as usual, but everyone enjoyed what they saw. In a shock development, Humphrey decided to ditch his hat, vest and bow tie, to go for a new look. He modeled the stunning new Warwickshire kit for season three.

    The first award for the night was rookie of the year. James Lawson took this award easy, beating his only rival Santhan Fernando. Lawson took 30 wickets in the four day comp, leading the way for Warwickshire.

    The one day batsmen of the year went to Sanath Jayasuriya, who averaged 32. Indeed low but there wasn't much better than him.

    One bowler of the year went A.Giles who picked up 7 wicklets at 17. He was followed closely by Wisneski.

    Four day batsmen of the year is S.Manjrekar. He averaged 45, with Sriram and Wagh not far behind. The keeper was honoured to recieve the award as he joined the likes of Brain Lara. Ironically, Warwickshires best four day batsmen has been released from the club...

    Four Day bowler of the year went to Shaun Pollock who took 28 wickets at 23. He was followed closely by Lawson who picked up 30 at 30.

    The Life time achievement award went to Trevor Penney. Trevor has contributed 10 years of his life to the club, so it was fitting that he picked this award up. We wish him well on his travels to Pakistan.

    Finally player of the year. A crapper of a decision here. Not one player had preformed well in both forms so it would be a tough decision. After much debate the following nominees were nominated.

    1. Ashley Giles
    2. Shaun Pollock
    3. Trevor Penney
    4. S.Manjrekar
    5. J.Lawson

    Finally after much deliberation is was announced that Ashley Giles would take home the award. He averaged 25 with the bat in both forms of the game, lead the charge one dayers with 7 wickets at 13, and 13 four day sclaps at 41. Well big Ashley!

    Finally Shaun Pollock and Kurt Chirstensen delievered speechs, the departing players all recieved a case of Champagne, and a beer of their choice.

    Then we all went home....
    "Matt Damon"

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    Since Surrey don't see the point in honouring individuals when it's a team success, we went out on the lash around London with the Kent boys to celebrate our combined domination of Division 2.
    marc71178 - President and founding member of AAAS - we don't only appreciate when he does well, but also when he's not quite so good!

    Anyone want to join the Society?

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    Karachi only played played a few friendly matches but we thought we should honnor our great sucsess with a rather rowdy dinner for the players and their family's in the function room at the ground. After speeches from the president and myself we wished the leaving players the best of luck. We were also joined by one of our new players Craig McMillan and we had a chat to Shaun Pollock as well over the phone. It was a great night with games and spot prizes so it was enjoyed but adults and their children alike.

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    South Australian Awards Night

    The stars come out as the South Australian Redbacks held there season Awards night last Night...

    Everyone from Rupert Murdoch and Micheal Jackson to Eminem and Saddam Hussein had turned up, but the big question was who would Manager Brendon Goff turn up with this season, and the question was answered when Christina Aguliera and Brittney Spears both exited Goff's personal Limosine on the SA manager's arm...

    The night was well underway before the 1st award was presented.. The 1 Day player of the Year....

    The Winner SA captain Darren Lehmann with a season aggregate of 421 Runs @ 70.17

    The Next award was the 1 Day performance of the Year..

    The winner yet again Darren Lehmann for his 169* in the final round of the season against WA...

    The next award was the 4 Day performance of the Year...

    The Winner Micheal Jenkins with his brilliant 179* in the 1st game of the season against Yorkshire...

    The next Award the 4 Day player of the Year....

    Again the winner Michael Jenkins with a brilliant 1097 run Season @ 91.42 a brilliant Season....

    The 2nd last award was Managers player Award...

    The winner fast bowler Mark Harrity

    Finally the Player of the Year...

    The nominees were...


    The winner with 1097 4 day runs and 328 1 Day runs was by far and away rookie Michael Jenkins...

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