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Thread: *Official* Season 8 Fixtures and Results

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    *Official* Season 8 Fixtures and Results



    • Week 1 - OD Round 1
    • Week 2 - FC Round 1
    • Week 3 - OD Round 2
    • Week 4 - FC Round 2
    • Week 5 - OD Round 3
    • Week 6 - FC Round 3
    • Midweek 7 - 2nd XI Cup Round 1
    • Week 7 - OD Round 4
    • Midweek 8 - 1st XI Cup Round 1
    • Week 8 - FC Round 4
    • Midweek 9 - 2nd XI Cup Round 2
    • Week 9 - OD Round 5
    • Midweek 10 - 1st XI Cup Round 2
    • Week 10 - FC Round 5
    • Week 11 - OD Round 6
    • Week 12 - FC Round 6
    • Week 13 - OD Round 7
    • Week 14 - FC Round 7
    • Week 15 - OD Round 8
    • Week 16 - FC Round 8
    • Midweek 17 - Quarter Finals Cup
    • Week 17 - OD Round 9
    • Week 18 - FC Round 9
    • Midweek 19 - Semi Final Cup
    • Week 19 - OD Round 10
    • Week 20 - FC Round 10
    • Midweek 21 - Cup Final
    • Week 21 - OD Round 11
    • Week 22 - FC Round 11
    • Week 23 - OD Round 12
    • Week 24 - FC Round 12
    • Week 25 - OD Round 13
    • Week 26 - FC Round 13
    • Week 27 - OD Round 14
    • Week 28 - FC Round 14
    • Week 29 - Playoffs


    The Wcc board have announced this years group of umpires which will be announced shortly. Umpires will be allocated games each week with along with 3rd umpires and match referees. THe wcc board will answer any questions relating the conduct of umpires aswell as the form and bad decisions.
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    As i mentioned before we will be moving slightly away from the PBEM base of the game and more fourm. With this in mind the board has decided to have a one thread where all the fixtures and results will be posted during the season. Also the changes that were suggested in the other thread are now official, as are the divisons teams have been placed.

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    Good stuff Tharmi and the board.

    Go Auckland!
    Rest In Peace Craigos

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    Thanks guys, the Fixtures list looks fine to me.

    Eagles to dominate TBH.
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    Good stuff.

    Yorkshire to dwindle ITBT.
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    Tamil Nadu first up, easy way for me and Blake to start up at Lancashire.
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    i will announce all the umpires in the next day. so stay tuned.
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    Long season ahead....

    Good work guys keep it up.
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    Umpires Announced
    WCC Board members today announced the umpires list for the WCC season ahead. With some big names umpires keeping there roles and some new up and coming umpires given the go ahead.

    Each division will have there own unique set of umpires which will cater for 2 game umpires, a 3rd umpire and Match referee.

    the lists are as follows and The WCC board would like to congratulate all fellow umpires on there appointments.

    div 1
    Allem Dar ,Asad Rauf,MArk Benson,Brent Bowden,Steve Buknor,Billy Doctrove,Darrell HAir,Daryl Harper,Rudi Koetzern,Simon Taufel,Steve Davis,Peter Parker,Robert Parry,Nadir Shah,Enamul Haque,Ziaul Hartley

    div 2
    Ian Gould,Nigel Llong,Peter Hartley,Amish Saheba,Suresh Shastri,Ga Pratapkumar,Gary Baxter,Tony Hill,Evan Watkin,Nadeem Ghuari,Zameer Haider,Riazuddin,Asoka De Silva,Tyrone Wijewardena,Peter Manuel,Clyde duncan

    div 3
    Norman Malcolm,Clancy Mack,Goland Greaves,Kevan Barbour,russel Tiffin,Ian robinson,Nick. Fowler,Luke. Mulligan,Don. Dilley,Ian. McIntosh,Wayne. Roden,Mark. Edgell,Josh. Evans,Donnie. Goodger,Ben. Ferguson


    Wayne. Hendricks,Eddie. Brooks,Howard. Owen,Peter. Kite,Gary. Redman,Rod. Tucker,Mick. Kumutat,Paul. Tate,Glen. Lill,Troy. Keel,Marc. Smith,Simon. Starks ,Pete. Honeywill,Toni. Ang,Paul. Woodyatt,Christopher. Philpott,Roger. Davis,Robert. Cheetham,Wally. Meehan,Dick. Everingham,Greg. Heys,Eric. Ramakrishnan,Beau. Parfett,Andy. Griffin,Allan. Hamilton,Louis. Borg,Danny. Lenzo,Geoff. Garland ,Mark. Nickl,Daniel. Timbs,Toby. Kershaw,G. Forliano,M. Roberts,C. King ,D. Coles,J. Williams,M. Meehan,K. Leahy ,J. Bailey,D. Cooper,D. Berridge ,B. Lalor,P. Waddell,G. Borg,J. Darcy,W. Rigby,,J. Graham,C. Webb,B. McMillan,D. Tyson ,D. Leonard,D. Hadfield,M. Thiagarajan,D. Lewis,A. Watson,N. Wennerbom ,D. Robinson,G. Chudleigh,M. Kandara,G. Youell,J. Reisman,G Verco, R.Gandavia,C. Howard,S. McAppion,P. Howlett,G. Kandakumar

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugssy View Post
    Peter Parker
    Haha, his spidey senses tingle when he's about to give an lbw.
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    Bah...Tamil Nadu first up. Queensland be going for their second consecutive title..Bulls gonna rampage.
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    Pre Season Groups Announced

    1st XI FC
    1. Yorkshire, WP Cobras, Hampshire, WA
    2. Karachi, Mumbai, SA, NSW
    3. Lancashire, FS Eagles, Queensland, Kent
    4. Guyana, Tasmania, Colts, TN
    5. Mashonaland, Auckland, Warwickshire, Titans
    6. ACT, Leicestershire, Victoria, Surrey

    1st XI OD
    1. NSW, Warwickshire, Titans, Victoria
    2. Mashonaland, Karachi, Hampshire, Yorkshire
    3. TN, ACT, SA, Tasmania
    4. Leicestershire, Auckland, Kent, Guyana
    5. Surrey, WP Cobras, FS Eagles, Lancashire
    6. Colts, Queensland, Mumbai, WA

    2nd XI FC
    1. SA, Colts, Mashonaland, Auckland
    2. Hampshire, WP Cobras, Yorkshire, TN
    3. Titans, Warwickshire, Surrey, Mumbai
    4. Guyana, ACT, Kent, WA
    5. Karachi, Tasmania, Victoria, Lancashire
    6. FS Eagles, Queensland, NSW, Leicestershire

    2nd XI OD
    1. SA, Wawickshire, Yorkshire, TN
    2. Queensland, ACT, Colts, NSW
    3. Surrey, Mumbai, Tasmania, Mashonaland
    4. FS Eagles, Guyana, WA, Lancashire
    5. Auckland, Kent, Hampshire, Victoria
    6. Leicestershire, Titans, Karachi, WP Cobras

    Pre season matches this year will be run by Rob, Mat and Manju. The matches will take place after the one week of trading following the draft. Each team will play each other once in their group.
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    Couple of grudge matches against Lancashire here.

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    Looking forward to play TN in FC to see where my boys are at in that form. Wish i didn't have to play Queensland, a case of showing your cards too early there.

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