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Thread: Possible Changes

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    Possible Changes

    As most of you have probably noticed there have been a few issued raised in regards to squad sizes and division sizes. With the explanation to 2nd XI teams squads have increased over the last couple seasons from 15 to 17 and now to 30. The main issue people seem to be having is complicated nature of contracted players due to the sim not being able to take more then 25 players.

    The suggestion that has been put forward to reducing the number of main players to 23 and rookies to 2, which would give us overall squads of 25 players. This would mean this is no need for contracted players and the squads will be reduced slightly. A possible change like this would also mean that the draft will be reduced from 10 rounds to 8 rounds. Personally I thing 10 rounds is too many and draft will go on for too long.

    This season with teams being able to keep 17 players, not many were forced to drop top draw players. This made the players releases relatively ineffective. If there is a reduction to squads it will also mean next season teams will have to keep fewer players, something like 12, which will make the releases more effective.

    The 2nd change that is being put forward is reducing the Divisions so each one has 8 teams. I had a big issue trying to work out the fixtures for this with the different sizes of the divisions and having them all the same would work quite well and make things easier in that department.

    But the main issue managers seem to have is boring nature of the matches last season due to the large gap between teams in the bigger divisions, mainly in Division One. But like the squad sizes if we do implement something we need to do straight away, because I donít prolong the season any longer.

    The plan change is to have Three Divisions of 8. The teams will be separated into the following divisions:

    - D1 FC: TN, ACT, Lancs, Cobras, Leics, WA, SA, Kent
    - D2 FC: Auck, Hamps, Titans, Warks, Yorks, Eagles, NSW, Colts
    - D3 FC: Guyana, Surrey, Karachi, Vics, QLD, Tas, Mash, Mumbai
    - D1 FC: QLD, Vics, Colts, TN, Guyana, ACT, Warks, Tas
    - D2 OD: Leics, SA, Karachi, Surrey, Cobras, Auck, Mumbai, Hamps
    - D3 OD: WA, Yorks, Eagles, Lancs, Mash, NSW, Kent, Titans

    The divisions will be based on where teams finished last season, with the teams that just finished above the regulation zone moving down divisions. There is the option of having playoff, like mentioned in the other thread. But really your rewarding mediocrity there, rather then a successful seasons where a team auto promoted. Iím not too fussed either way personally though.

    The way I look at these changes is with the large gap between seasons and a lot of new managers. There is an option to start fresh and make some changes if majority of the managers are happy with them. There are needs for these changes, as mention above and elsewhere. They can be implemented pretty quickly and wonít prolong the start of the season.

    But due to the fact that this may influence draft choices, with less drafts picks and fact that a lot of managers will choice their draft picks on the back of the divisions they will be in. I do need some feedback on whether managers feel this is necessary or not. Iím happy to keep going with things the way they were before, because last season was pretty successful and the game doesnít really need a lot of changes. Itís been running pretty well for a long time.

    So what are your thoughts?
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    I'm all for the mentioned changes. 25 players squads, the divisions, reduced draft amounts...all good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NZTailender View Post
    I'm all for the mentioned changes. 25 players squads, the divisions, reduced draft amounts...all good!
    Yeah same here.
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    Yeah, I agree with the above even though it drops me out of the top division in one day. I think it was relatively straight forward to eliminate players for the draft and there wasn't a lot of pressure on keeping better players. Also I think 8 teams is a more even competition then what we had before.
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    Like the changes.
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    All of the changes sound great.
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    Yeah, I'm happy with those changes.
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    Makes my job in FC easier i suppose.
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    With majority of managers happy with these changes, they official now. All respective teams have moved divisions and the fixtures are out for all the divisions. The draft has been shorten to 8 rounds, so there is 7 rounds left.

    If you got any questions about any other impact of these changes feel free to ask.

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