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Thread: Round 7 match team previews and match reports

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    Round 7 match team previews and match reports

    Post your team previews, match reports and anything else in this thread. This is for both First Class and One Day round 7 matches.

    We expect at least 1 piece of writing from each manager...
    Quote Originally Posted by flibbertyjibber View Post
    Only a bunch of convicts having been beaten 3-0 and gone 9 tests without a win and won just 1 in 11 against England could go into the home series saying they will win. England will win in Australia again this winter as they are a better side which they have shown this summer. 3-0 doesn't lie girls.

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    Walker, Amla set to debut for Mashonaland

    Mashonaland manager Andy Cameron today hinted at making several unexpected changes to the line-up of the Zimbabwean club's first class side. Cameron was at Yorkshire, where he had been watching his rookies in the 2nd XI beat Yorkshire in a one day game.

    "We've been keeping a close eye on Vince Walker and Hashim Amla, both of whom are in good form. With Ben Straw expected to be out for another week, we're in need of an allrounder. While Travis, who we played last round, has been batting well enough, his bowling hasn't been that effective, and we feel Vince may offer that little bit more with the ball, while his batting is certainly going to help the lower order. Vince will actually be likely to replace young Abutahir Rizan, who's spin hasn't been as good as we'd hoped, while Amla will most likely be coming in for Travis."

    This talk has been met with some head-scratching by those familar with the club, which has surprisingly been struggling in the longer form recently. Walker has in fact only played one game for the 2nd XI, which was last round, where he made 35 in his one innings and took two wickets for 98 over the two innings. Likewise, Amla, while being fairly consistent for the seconds, has yet to post a decent score.

    Hashim Amla is one of the two likely debutants for Mashonaland this round

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    Thomas rings in changes for Yorkshire
    After watching the Yorks 2nd XI lose to Mashonaland, manager Greg Thomas announced the changes to the First Class side that will no doubt surprise some pundits.
    First is the dropping of P Laker. The fast bowler had been the pick of the quicks for the opening rounds but of late has fallen off.
    "He confided in me that's he been having a bit of problems at home, which has affected his playing. I was still undecided on whether I should drop him or give him another chance but after his reuqest I thought 'fair enough' and told him to take some time off and come back fresh and have a go in the seconds" he said, "In his place, Zahid Saeed gets a much deserved call up. he's been a real gun in the second XI and I think he'll be a great new ball partner with Evans."

    Excellent form; Saeed is in the 1st XI for the match with Guyana.

    Second is the dropping on P Marsden. Though no real surprise, as his form as been poor, it was his replacement that raised a few eyebrows.
    "Fans were coming up to me in the streets telling me Yashpal should be in for Marsdy. There's no denying Yashpals been in great form in the seconds, and he was considered but Kripal Singh has been in better form and I don't know why a lot of people ignore" he said.
    "I also think a lot of them tend to forget Yashpal's poor run in the one day side. I'm looking at a position change for him there, though. Number four doesn't seem to be the ideal position for him" he added.

    Third is Dawn's move down the order, from the opening position to number five.
    "Michael Dawn's move wasn't, actually, my idea. Michael approached me after the cup match and said he'd rather be down the order" he assured us.
    "Watching him, he's been in touch in the nets and batting at number three in one day matches. He's had great success there so far this season so when he said he wanted to move down the order, I thought it'd be to number three. He surprised me by saying that 'Martin (Love) has been batting solidly at three and I don't want to disrupt him, Tendulkar's been on fire at four and Marsden's been dropped from the middle order, and I'd like to bat there to get a good feel for the innings'."
    With the promotion of Kripal Singh - an opener - to the first XI, you would think he would be first choice for the openers slot.
    "Not at all" says Thomas.
    "Like I said, Kripal's in great form but he's just earned promotion. Lou (Vincent) has struggled a bit but I think that's due to batting so low. I don't think he really knows his role down the order so I'm giving him a shot at opening. Hopefully he'll do us proud over the next few matches but if not, we can always promote Kripal Singh, can't we?" he says with a wink.

    Lou Vincent will open alongside Agnew.

    Yorks 1st XI to take on Guyana (in batting order): K Agnew, L Vincent (wk), M Love, W Tendulkar, M Dawn (c), M Jayawardene, R Kripal Singh, R Silva, F Evans, Z Saeed, D Kaneria (vc).
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    WA face 3 big weeks to round out the first half of the season. One of the big suprise packages of the year so far, WA are running third, with 2 wins and 4 draws so far this season. Manager Chris Butler seems happy with the start to the season "Our consistancy has been the key so far this year. we got off to 4 draws to start the season, and the boys got alot of confidence from that."

    Despite winning the last two games, Butler has made one change to the line up, bringing in J Laney to replace Q Friend. "Laney has been in great form with the bat and deserves his chance, Friend is a quality player and im sure he will leave his mark on the 2nd XI this week"

    WA face Warickshire, ACT and Tamil Nadu to round out the first half of the season. ACT and TN are the only two team ahead of WA on teh table. "its gonna be a great challenge for the boys of the next three weeks, three wins would probally take us to the top of the table, so there is plenty to play for"
    WA line up to take on Warickshire: H KanitkarC, L Ronchi+, J Laney, D Thornley, M Beasley, I Pearson, Q Spenser, J Ryder, A Adams, H Jenkins, K Dean
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    Trescothick Called Up
    ACT Manager Simon Fitzsimmons has made several changes to his top of the table Comets team. Despite losing on one game this season opening pair Ed Howarth and Martin Phadke have both gotten the chop. Veteran Englishman Marcus Trescothick has gotten a surprise call up after some excellent performances in the seconds. Trescothick was not expecting to play much of a role in the first team this year but his great form added with the terrible performances of Phadke and Howarth has given him this chance.

    Trescothick has been in great form

    Ismail Tamhane will also make another appearance in the first team despite the all rounder struggling for the past few weeks. Tamhane will form part of a new look bowling line up which also includes Bangladesh spinning sensation Ahsanullah Hasan. Hasan has been one of the leading lights for the Second Eleven team and his elevation to the first team in front of fellow spinner George Goff surprised many even himself.

    The full Comets side is:
    AB De Villiers+, Marcus Trescothick, Ricky Ponting, Yashpal Singh, Misbah Ul Haq, Owen Cardew*, Ismail Tamhane, Ben Marshall, Ahsanullah Hasan, Dean Bent, Paul Marlowe.

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    WA 2nd XI manager Thad Bochat continues to make changes to his team as he desparately tries to find a winning combination. The batting displays put on by the second side have been generally solid this season, but the bowlers have not been able to back them up, which goes a long way to explaining why they are winless and sitting second from bottom after 6 rounds. However, a win this week against bottom side Warwickshire, while not likely to move the team out of 9th spot, could well instill some confidence in the players, and see results begin to improve.

    Of the three changes made, one has been forced. J Laney's recent good form has seen him promoted to the first side. The skills and first-team experience of the man he replaced, Q Friend, will be most welcome. M Vandort has been promoted to captain. The other two omissions are rookie paceman V Fernando and spinner W Quinn. C Blair and M Hossain Jr come in.
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    Long batting line up for Yorks 2nd's.
    The Yorkshire 2nd XI has been bosted by Laker and Marsden who were dropped from the 1st XI earlier this week.
    Manager Greg Thomas, taking over the seconds after Nick hancock transferred to the top job at kent, decided to play four bowlers as opposed to the five pronged attack setup Nick had been using.
    "It was a good tactic but I want to try something different to counter the Guyana bowlers" he said.

    Yorks 2nd XI
    1. F Yashpal
    2. P Marsden
    3. K Davies
    4. T Lyon
    5. N Patel
    6. G Belle (c)
    7. W Beasley
    8. B Foster (wk)
    9. D Gough
    10. P Laker
    11. Y Arafat

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    Leicestershire have announced a basic unchanged squad to this weeks match against Tamil Nadu. As far as the manager is concerned we just don't have the depth at the current stage to be able to chop and change and our 2nd XI haven't exactly been setting the competition on fire themselves. Thus, the manager has full faith in the current XI and expects them to at least be competitive against TN. There should not really be any pressure on the players considering TN at the beginning of the season were red hot favourites along with ACT and this game is again one in which will test just how far we've come. The manager has also been concerned with his own issues of informing the match officials of the team lineup, particularly in the one day form where there have been a few too many instances, and this is something that the manager will work on. He can't expect the players to perform well if he himself hasn't been performing well.

    Thus coming into round 7 of the first class season the officials received the following lineup in which player of August, C Vaughan, will look to stake his claim yet again against the TN lineup.

    T Marston, K Slater, E Sellars, F Platt, C Vaughan, C Rogers, I de Saram (wk),T Mughal, I Gallage (c), U Sammels, R Ezard.

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    Hampshire have made 2 changes to the squad that beat Warwickshire in the last FC round. E Drake who has shown inconsistency in his first class batting form this season, has been demoted in the hope of finding his form again. He had a good knock in his last OD match and hopefully continues an upward trend with regards to his batting.
    S Newman takes Drake's place and moves up the order to number 4, after his steady form in the 2nd XI side.

    Star spinner P Shelley out with injury for a week is being rested and Sri Lankan import C Gamage takes his place to bolster the pace attack after a lengthy period. He has been working hard 1 on 1 in the nets with the bowling coach to regain his confidence and attack, which made him a top bowler for Hampshire last season.

    Hampshire hope for a good win against ACT to move up the ranks and continue on a winning form. Its going to be a very tough battle however. Looking forward to a thriller!

    Hampshire in order of Batting Lineup.

    R Prassanna, A Chopra, S Graham*, S Newman, S Pollard, +J Crawley, A Robben, A Best, N Hollins, C Gamage, L Jewell

    Don L-o-d , Legion Of Doom

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    In what promises to be an interesting contest with Victoria, Tasmania announced one change to their XI. Given the axe was opener Graham Eaton, with Tom Rowell, who tops the Second XI averages replacing him.

    Eaton has struggled with injuries this season, and has averaged just over 20 in his five matches. Rowell has averaged 44 in the Second XI, with a top score of 94. A reporter managed to catch up with Rowell at his apartment in Launceston. "It'll be nice to be back playing at this high level, to be honest I was a bit disappointed not to get a game sooner as I was a fixture in the side last season."

    "It's been ok playing in the Seconds, I feel in good touch, but for me there's nothing like playing in the First XI against a top class bowler like Harwood."

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    All change for Surrey

    Surrey manager Jamee Gray has made four changes from the last FC match for this week's match against Surrey.

    Abdul Mohammed, Edgar Good, Tim Ambrose and Upul Chandana were all dropped, and Michael Dighton, John Arlott, William Denny and Kazam Raza have replaced them.

    But possibly more controvertialy, Arafat Sunny, the teenage spinning sensation has been put up to Number 5, and the rumour going round is that Jamee Gray has selected him as a batsman who bowls, not as a number 8 that it was presumed he'd play as.

    Sunny bludgeons the ball away to the boundary.

    Jason Bennett keeps his place in the team

    Surrey XI:

    F Pandit*
    M Dighton+
    J Arlott
    Z Keegan
    A Sunny
    W Denny
    I Anjum
    T Bradshaw
    F Tully
    K Raza
    J Bennett
    Or something.

    RIP Fardin Qayyumi (AKA "cricket player"; "Bob"), 1/11/1990 - 15/4/2006

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    Victoria have made minimum changes with the return of Kale and Hodge.

    The injured Kale returns straight the 1st XI, meanwhile the misbehavour of Hodge has seen him start in the 2nd XI this weekend, after he has served his ban from the club.

    Playing Tasmania on the Devil Isl will be an experience, and one that off-spinner Guinness is looking forward to.

    Mike Hussey has managed to hold his spot in the 1st, despite new of his retirement this week. Meanwhile other retiree Madanagopal will be removed from the 2nd XI, as he offer no future for the club, and would stop us providing every oppunity to Azharuddin.

    Victoria will be very much looking for the win this week from both XIs.
    yours in cricket

    Stephen Pearson

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    kenway in deshpande dropped in to 2nds
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    Nsw make hasty changes

    for there upcoming match against Karachi, nsw manager Bugs Malone has made 2 changes in the first xi side, as a much needed win is needed with only 1 win and 3 draws this season they really need to get the foot on the gas.

    Flemming makes his way into the side after some solid performances in 2nds, also f khan sees himself back into the side. the unlucky to to make there way out of the 1st xi was V Sehwag and D Quale.

    Sehwag had a quick press confrence telling news and radio crews that he will fight even harder to get back into the first xi side and said he holds no grudges against bugs Malone as he needs results and at the moment thats not what has been happening.

    Bugs Malone was seen leaving training and heading off to hospital to see his new baby daughter in his 7 series bmw but said that he needs results however the board has stated his contract is in no danger and that the relationship between the club and management is fine.

    Bugs malone just staed he was looking forward to the trip over in the morning and trying to get maximum points of karachi which wont be easy.
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    Queensland were more than happy to get their experienced opener Herschelle Gibbs back after being suspended vor discplinary reasons for 4 weeks. Gaurav Nayak gave a statement 'It's good to that is come back, he should be able to set us off to a steady start, and allow Tennison to move back into his no. 6 position'.

    Other then that..There were no other changes in the Queensland team, apart from the captain forgetting to choose which side of the coin to bet on...
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