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Thread: Round 7 match team previews and match reports

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    An unbeaten century from H Francis took world renowned playboy Ash Chaulk's Warwickshire to victory over Tasmania, a team he used to manage.

    Francis struck 120 from 125 balls at number three, as Warwickshire chased down 257 with three overs and six wickets to spare. Tasmania's score could well have been a lot more, but for two unfortunate mix-ups. After suffering the early setbacks of losing both openers, the prolific Indian pairing of Suresh Raina and Vikram Chandrasekh took Tasmania to 87-2. But the next two balls saw two run outs, to reduce them to 87-4. Vikram Chandrasekh was responsible for both, but he later blamed members of Chaulk's entourage baring their breasts for distracting him. With their two best batsmen gone, Tasmania were struggling, but Matthew Sinclair and Shiv Kotak took them to respectable to score. They added 134 in good time, before both were trapped lbw in the pursuit of quick runs. Tasmania ended up with 256-6.

    Matthew Sinclair, 68 in vain

    Warwickshire were also victims of some poor running, as they lost opener Guneratne for just 9. Despite the early breakthrough from the field, Tasmania's bowlers were unable to make any inroads into the batting line up. Francis and Vernon added a partnership of 135. They pushed the singles and smashed the bad ball away to the boundary. In for particular punishment were Mike Lampard and Jimmy Sharma, whose 17 overs went for 123 runs. Lampard did take the wicket of Vernon, and altough Tasmania did take two more wickets in the innings, Francis stood tall to prevent a collapse and saw his side home in style.

    Francis drives during his century

    Tasmania 256-6
    Kotak 71, Sinclair 68
    O Gayle 1-39

    Warwickshire 259-4
    Francis 120*, Vernon 72
    R Dhamika 1-36

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyes_Only
    Hampshire 2nd XI manager Eyes_Only has made minimal changes to the team that crushed Northens in the last round. Shelley is out with a damaged rotator cuff while Aldridge and Bond strengthen the bowling attack.

    Eyes_Only spoke to reporters after leaving training and was reported as saying "Here's hoping we can continue our winning ways this week. It will be a tough match as always but I know the boys will be giving 100%."

    When asked why the changes to the bowling attack, she replied: "We were one bowler short last week and even though we won by such a huge margin, I felt that by bringing Shane and Graham into the team, it would bolster the bowling and would add two experenced players to the mix."

    Hampshire 2nd XI: S Highsmith, G Rahman, I Ul Haq (Capt), E Drake, S Qambrani, P Thompson, L Bassue, Z Exley, T Naidu (W/K), S Bond, G Aldridge

    Geeze, T Thomas must be wondering what on earth he's done to be left out.

    Edit: Duh, thats the FC team Greg, how silly of me. But I see he's still left out of the 2nd team anyway..
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    Quote Originally Posted by NZTailender
    Geeze, T Thomas must be wondering what on earth he's done to be left out.

    Edit: Duh, thats the FC team Greg, how silly of me. But I see he's still left out of the 2nd team anyway..

    Shhh...don't tell him but I'm keeping an eye on him and he may be considered in the very near future....Shhhh
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    Dela Cruz actually names team
    In what has been labelled a once-in-a-lifetime occurence, Tamil Nadu 2nd XI manager Robertinho Dela Cruz has successfully named a lineup for his battling side.

    (Caption: onlookers react to Dela Cruz's appearance)

    There was pandemonium at Tamil Nadu HQ as the mysterious man behind the 2nd XI, the Brazilian born Dela Cruz, made a rare appearance to name the 2nd OD XI to face Queensland.

    Dela Cruz begun by addressing his prolonged absence from managerial duties. "I fully accept any criticism that has been directed my way in recent weeks. A sudden, tragic passing that occurred in the family has prevented me from carrying out my duties at the club, and I have been battling with depression during that period. It's definitely been a rocky couple of weeks for me," he announced. "But I felt compelled to explain my absence, not only to the WCC board but more importantly to the fans, to let them know that I've not forgotten about this club." Dela Cruz's lackadaisical handling of his job as 2nd XI manager was noted by many, if only by it's absence. "I must thank Andrew [Cloete] in that regard - whilst obviously not taking over my role, he has ensured that the lads have been training hard and everything has been running smoothly."

    Moving on from events off the field, Dela Cruz then focused on the upcoming game, a one-dayer versus Queensland. "It's embarrassing to admit as a manager, but recently, quite frankly, our competitiveness has rivalled that of Fitzroy. Pre-merger," he declared to a wave of horrified gasps. "But alas, I will be 100% committed to turning that around. It is my hope that this revival begins in our upcoming game versus Queensland. Looking at the table, Queensland are one of the weaker sides - like us - so it'll be good for the boys to go out there against a side in a similar position. We literally having nothing to lose and everything to gain," he stressed. "So really, it's now or never and the boys will go out there with something to prove."

    Dela Cruz then announced the lineup:
    1. D Mongia
    2. R Parida (wk)
    3. M van Jaarsveld (c)
    4. B Hoon (vc)
    5. S Bin Nasir
    6. H Raza
    7. I Farhat
    8. T Mathers
    9. K Dye
    10. T Durani
    11. Z Edmonds

    "Some may be unfamiliar with some names there due to the fact a side hasn't actually been named for some time," he admitted sheepishly, "but it's my hope people will soon come to know these names - for the right reasons. I think a key aspect to our batting is how deep it is - everyone down to 8 knows how to hold a bat and do so competently. It's really a matter of who's going to get themselves in and post a big score. That's a slight weakness of ours - sometimes we don't have enough batsmen going beyond a start," he offered the conference. "Something that I think that should be noted is the role that we've given to Ben [Hoon], that is the role of vice-captain. He's very young, very talented and, more importantly I think, very down-to-earth. There was little doubt that he'd become a great player for the club, in particular in the shorter form, but he's exceeded expectations and has shown alot of maturity for such a young bloke."

    "All in all, we have a few bumps to iron out but we are optimistic heading into the game," he finished.

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