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Thread: My non submission (board members)

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    My non submission (board members)

    Although i didnt submit i really did. i listed my team change however in the 2nd xi not the first. so really i didnt miss my submission i just put it in the wrong spot.

    also this report

    Quote Originally Posted by bugssy
    NSW name 1 change

    NSW physions worked hard to get M Pamer fit but they just didnt have enough time. Even special oxygen flown in from sunny Gofftown couldnt get the star number 3 bat ready in time.
    NSW will make 1 change with M Parmer out injured for 2 weeks he opens up his spot for someone. he could be a big loss as he has been in fine form with the stick so far this season.With a few boys pushing on the heels of the first xi J Du Toit has been called up with his fine form in the 2nds he has hit a big tonne and a half century all ready. With a big game needed against S.A filling in the big shoes.
    now what happened the game nsw v sa certain players that would have not have played did which may have resulted in the different result. i understand that i posted my first xi team in the wrong spot however with contracted players named you can tell that it is my first xi. in saying that i dont expect simmers to go looking for teams submissions. with my experience with wcc and my time as manager i have never ever forgot to submitt a side in all my years. it would be nice for the result to be replayed however i dont expect that to happen.

    what does every one think.....
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    Give him seven!

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    naa sorry mate uve been a manager for long enough to work out where to post, just cop it...

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    thats what i thought

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