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Thread: ** WCC Board Announcement Thread **

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    ** WCC Board Announcement Thread **

    Ok i thought i'd start this thread so the board can use it to make any announcements that need to be made..

    I will lock this thread so that only Mods can post in it as it will be purely for announcements...

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    We have decided that the form from the Friendly games will carry over into the season... So any player who went well in the Friendlies is likely to be in good form, which will carry over to the season...

    If people are interested in players form i will start a thread which people can request a players form/morale ranking...

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    We're only four weeks into the season and some managers are already getting away with the bare minimum. We've given everyone the benefit of the doubt with the Football World Cup and that going on but no excuses now. We are already seeing a decline in things like match reports and team announcements. You dont have to contribute much in these threads, just a few lines if thats all you feel like but we want to see something in these threads from every manager every week. Its not that tough peoples....

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    The three strikes system will be returning from Round 4. For every round you do not submit a First XI side you will take a strike. Three strikes over the season(in both forms, so 2 in FC and 1 in OD counts) and you're gone!
    Or something.

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