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Thread: One Day Round 5 - Division 5

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    One Day Round 5 - Division 5

    ROUND 5
    Somerset vs Northern Districts
    Jamaica vs Mashonaland
    Guyana vs Karachi

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    A Chopra
    Y Hills
    C Perren
    R Sarwan
    N McKenzie
    C Baugh
    Y Cole
    A Giles
    F Rose
    D Mackenzie
    J Lawson

    Keeper: C Baugh
    Captain: N McKenzie
    Cricketweb Colts Captain

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    I'm Green

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    Jamaican team looking to continue it's dominance.

    M Di Venuto
    Z Ardley
    K Peiterson
    H White
    T Naidu
    B Dippenaar
    L Ronchi
    J Troughton
    J Oram
    H Singh
    J Ormond

    Captain: M Di Venuto
    Keeper: L Ronchi

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    Mashonaland Squad to stop Jamaica...

    M Burns
    J Gallian
    D Mongia
    C Adams
    A Petal
    I Ward
    A Symonds
    C Tremlett
    S Mushtaq
    K Sami
    R Cunningham

    Captain: C Adams
    Keeper: M Burns
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    ND's Team For The Next Round

    Almost forgot to do this but here's the team...

    O Cardew
    J Midlane
    S Fleming
    K Weekes
    K Sangakarra
    S Styris
    N Hauritz
    A Blignaut
    G Aldridge
    Z Khan
    M Ntini

    Captain Fleming
    Keeper Sangakarra

    *D Chougdale is rested with Midlane coming back into the team.
    Simon Taufel---ICC Umpire Of The Year 2005/2006/2007

    Proud Member of CW Green

    Proud member of the Stedingham Jets Grade Cricket Team

    NSW Blues---ING Cup Champions 2005/2006

    3rd May 1955-19th January 2004----RIP Hookesy

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