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Thread: One Day Round 5 - Division 2

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    One Day Round 5 - Division 2

    ROUND 5
    Queensland vs Mumbai
    Hampshire vs Colts
    Karnataka vs Victoria

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    Q Carver
    M Elliott
    B Hodge
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    G Rummans
    J Moss
    M Lewis
    I Harvey
    I Jeffrey
    T Welsford
    S Harwood

    Keeper: I Jeffrey
    Captain: M Elliot

    Top of the table game here, and Victoria fresh from their first 4 day win in a very long time.

    This one is for you Hookesy.
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    yours in cricket

    Stephen Pearson

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    J Madanagopal
    L Klusener
    L Payne
    G Shaw
    B Lee
    K Daly
    D Hettarachchi

    Keeper: L Payne

    same team, maybe we could actually win one this time
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    S Borde
    A Kale
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    E Howarth
    G Smith
    K Rangnekar
    M Wilkins
    A Jones
    V Wadekar
    N Khan
    M Sigera

    Keeper: S Borde
    Captain: A Kale
    Manager of Karnataka
    Season 2 Div 3 Four Day Champions
    Season 2 Div 3 One Day Runners up
    Season 2 Vb Cup Champions
    Season 3 Div 2 Four Day Champions
    Season 3 Div 3 One Day Champions
    Season 4 Div 2 One Day Champions

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    G Kumar
    T Thomas
    A Morris
    P Trego
    M Harrity
    S Macgill

    Keeper: T Thomas
    Captain: I ul Haq

    dont have a clue whats going on , my od setup on paper is awesome.. damn it.. need a few wins to get the team morale going
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    J Bradshaw
    S Tikolo
    H Hodgson
    B Hogg
    A Bichel
    J Hopes
    L Pettifer
    A Stuart

    Keeper: H Hodgson
    Captain: J Maher

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