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Thread: Twenty20 Matchday 2

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    Twenty20 Matchday 2

    Group A
    Yorkshire vs Tasmania
    Queensland vs Kandurata

    Group B
    New South Wales vs North Zone India
    South Australia vs Titans

    Group C
    Auckland vs Victoria
    Karachi vs Kent

    Group D
    Western Australia vs South Zone India
    Warwickshrie vs Cobras

    Teams due in Friday 9am AEDST 5th December

    Player             Team                Weeks          Reason
    P Jaques           New South Wales     2              Rotator Cuff
    A Noffke           Queensland          2              Whiplash
    I Jeffrey          Warwickshire        3              Slipped Disc in neck
    N Pothas           Kent                5              Lower Back Stress Fracture
    N Dexter           Kent                3              Loss of Vision
    S Fernando         Kandurata           4              Fractured Skull
    Z MacDonald        Queensland          5              Suspension
    I Bowes            Kandurata           3              Achilles Damage
    D Withe            North Zone India    3              Knee Injury
    S Dhawan           North Zone India    3              Slipped Disc in neck
    C Langeveldt       Cobras              6              Broken Neck
    D Telo             Cobras              6              ACL Rupture
    R Pyrah            Yorkshire           1              Calf Muscle Strain
    M Jayawardene      Kandurata           6              Slipped Disc in neck
    D Zulch            Queensland          6              Fractured Cheekbone
    R Ponting          Tasmania            1              Dislocated Shoulder
    Q Adam             Western Australia   5              Broken Collar Bone
    D Kruis            Yorkshire           4              Broken Nose
    S Ashraf	   Karachi	       Academy
    J Neill		   North Zone India    Academy
    B Rankin	   Warwickshire        Academy
    N Jewell	   Victoria            Academy
    L Butterworth	   Tasmania 	       Academy
    C Gonzalez	   Queensland	       Academy
    O Cope		   Western Australia   Academy
    F du Plessis       South Zone India    Academy
    A Raza		   Kandurata 	       Academy
    M Wade		   Cobras	       Academy
    B Casson	   New South Wales     Academy
    C Hartley	   Auckland	       Academy
    C Bailey	   South Australia     Academy
    J Patel		   Yorkshire           Academy
    U Indrasiri  	   Titans	       Academy

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    May 2002
    South Australia
    1 M Elliott
    2 F Rickman
    3 G Carter
    4 M Doshi
    5 D Christian
    6 P Boxall
    7 A Goodwin+
    8 P Lane
    9 J Gillespie
    10 S Tait
    11 P Rofe

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    May 2002
    Cape Cobras
    1 Graeme Smith*
    16 Ben Allen
    3 Jacques Kallis
    22 Ian Vernon
    6 Justin Kemp
    14 William Fitzstanford
    8 Yannick Porter
    2 Andrew Puttick+
    4 Frank Hammett
    10 Monde Zondeki
    27 Nisitha Rupasinghe

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    May 2002
    New South Wales
    1 M Clarke
    2 E Cowan
    3 S Katich
    4 T Vaughan
    5 D Quayle
    6 G Belle
    7 B Haddin+
    8 B Lee
    9 N Bracken
    10 S Clark
    11 D Bollinger

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    Oct 2005
    L Ronchi+
    M Hussey
    A Voges
    L Pomersbach
    J Watambwa
    J Langer
    B Hogg
    R Rushambwa
    S Magoffin
    B Dorey
    B Edmondson
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    Dec 2004
    Warnbro WA
    S Bin Nazir
    F Patel
    F Ahmed
    M Jenkins
    S Kabir
    H Froggett
    Y Khan (wk)
    M Masroor
    V Chaminda
    S Akhtar
    A Straiton
    What, me worry?
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    South Zone India
    2 - M Vijay
    12 - LNP Reddy
    1 - DB Cowe
    11 - S Badrinath (captain)
    14 - S Vidyut
    13 - B Chipli
    7 - AV Deshpande (wicketkeeper)
    9 - VI Kumar
    10 - A Kumble
    15 - L Balaji
    6 - BP Guy

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    Aug 2003
    1. M. Hayden
    2. R. Broad
    3. A. Symonds
    4. J. Jenkins
    5. R. Shearer
    6, Y. Stark
    7. J. Hopes
    8. S. Watson
    9. M. Johnson
    10. H. Jenkins
    11. M. Kasprowicz

    Captain: M. Hayden
    Keeper: R. Shearer
    Cricketweb Colts Captain

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    Hayden > Lehmann
    I'm a member of Club Kerry

    I'm Green

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    May 2002
    Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad)

    WCC Kent

    I Pearson
    K Pietersen (c)
    R Llewellyn
    N Bradfield (wk)
    R Key
    J Denly
    A Mahmood
    G Harris
    Y Arafat
    A Mishra
    M Saggers
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    Aug 2002
    Melbourne, Australia

    Victorian Bushrangers Twenty20

    1 H Francis
    2 O Beasley
    3 B Hodge
    4 D Hussey
    5 A Clissitt
    6 C White (c)
    7 A Schiller (wk)
    8 B McGain
    9 P Siddle
    10 A Wise
    11 D Nannes
    yours in cricket

    Stephen Pearson

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    Nov 2002
    Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
    Yorkshire vs Tasmania
    1. C White
    2. L Kumar+
    3. C Taylor
    4. J Rudolph
    5. M Stiles
    6. J Bradshaw
    7. W Tendulkar
    8. M Vaughan
    9. O Clarke
    10. S Mushtaq
    11. A Graham
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    Mar 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    North Zone India
    1. A Chopra
    2. U Kaul
    3. G Gambhir
    4. K Goel
    5. S Yashpal
    6. L Harris
    7. H White
    8. A Ardley
    9. I Tamhane
    10. VRV Singh
    11. V Malik
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    Member of CW Black
    Goalkeeper for the Northside Power
    NZI Manager in WCC

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    Aug 2006
    1. A Holland
    2. AB de Villiers +
    3. K Rangneker
    4. M Van Jaarsveld
    5. P Joubert
    6. C Jayasinghe
    7. A Morkel
    8. M Morkel
    9. A Nel
    10. I Tahir
    11. D Steyn

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    Sep 2006
    Hyderabad, India

    01. S Fleming (c)
    02. Q Carver (WK)
    03. Z Roberts
    04. S Styris
    05. T Roach
    06. R Jones
    07. A Adams
    08. K Mills
    09. P Hitchcock
    10. S Bond
    11. A McKay


    01. S Bond
    02. A McKay
    03. K Mills
    04. P Hitchcock
    05. S Styris
    06. A Adams
    Long Live Test Cricket

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    On the Computer

    H Midlane
    L Bond (WK)
    D Anderson
    T Paine
    M DiVenuto(C)
    D Marsh
    H Le Roux
    G Allen
    J Krezja
    B Drew
    M Lampard

    wasnt sure ponting was fit for this game so i didnt pick him.
    You have just read a post from Jason Pike, he is what you wish you were

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