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Thread: Round One: 1st XI Division One FC

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    Round One: 1st XI Division One FC

    ACT v WP Cobras
    Kent v Western Australia
    Lancashire v Tamil Nadu
    Leicestershire v South Australia

    Due: Thursday 5th July Midnight (12am) Sydney Time
    Umpires for the weekends games
    Act v WP Cobras
    Allem Dar
    Asad Rauf
    Mark Benson (3rd Umpire)
    Brent Bowden (Match Referee)
    Kent v WA
    Steve Buknor
    Billy Doctrove
    Darrell Hair  (3rd Umpire)
    Daryl Harper  (Match Referee)
    Lancashire v Tamil Nadu
    Rudi Koetzern
    Simon Taufel
    Steve Davis  (3rd Umpire)
    Peter Parker (Match Referee)
    Leicestershire v South Australia
    Robert Parry
    Nadir Shah
    Enamul Haque (3rd Umpire)
    Ziaul Hartley (Match Referee)
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    WP Cobras:
    F Hammett
    F Funston
    G Gambhir
    P Abid Ali
    T Weston (wk)
    P Jaques
    M Richardson (c)
    Y Porter
    E Tate
    G Shaw
    L Dias
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    1. D Mongia
    2. D Cowe (C)
    3. H Raza
    4. Q Radford
    5. D Jadhav
    6. R Prasanna
    7. H Le Roux
    8. L Ronchi (WK)
    9. B Guy
    10. Z Edmonds
    11. A Asad
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    1 O Cardew
    2 AB de Villiers
    3 M Ul Haq (C)
    4 S Yashpal
    5 J Bray(WK)
    6 E Howarth
    7 M Phadke
    8 B Marshall
    9 D Bent
    10 P Marlowe
    11 P Shelley


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    Lancashire v TN

    1. A Kale
    2. F Yapp
    3. S Badrinath (wk)
    4. H Midlane (c)
    5. N Compton
    6. A Christian
    7. A Arshad
    8. K Gangodwila
    9. A Nawab
    10. A Freeman
    11. U Gordon
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    A Mujtaba
    S Watson
    P Fulton
    O Foot
    YA Singh
    D Elgar
    R Stratton
    H Nixon (k)
    S Dissanayake
    I Mooney
    T Binny
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    Kent First Eleven
    1 A Muzumdar
    2 A McLaren (WK)
    3 N Adam (C)
    4 B Hiini
    5 G Gow
    6 R Llewellyn
    7 S Weir
    8 J Ryder
    9 O Snow
    10 T Hawkins
    11 R Jesuraj
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    C Rogers
    R McKenzie
    E Sellars
    M Tiwary
    F Platt (c)
    C Vaughan
    I De Saram (wk)
    T Mughal
    P Karunanayake
    I Gallage
    U Sammels

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