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Thread: One Day 2nd XI - Round 2 - Division 1

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    One Day 2nd XI - Round 2 - Division 1

    Home team listed first - please check the site for injuries

    Victoria vs Tamil Nadu
    South Australia vs Surrey
    Karachi vs ACT
    Leicestershire vs Guyana
    Colts vs Queensland

    Teams to be submitted by midnight Sunday AEST.
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    Victoria 2nd XI One Day
    Victoria vs Tamil Nadu

    A Clissitt
    K Sangakarra
    B Hodge
    M Higgs
    S Bevan®
    M Hussey
    C White
    D Guinness
    J Yovich
    S Malinga
    M Attewell®

    Captain: C White
    Wicket Keeper: K Sangakarra
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    Colts v QLD.

    1. W Phadkar
    2. H Gibbs
    3. D Cullinan*
    4. R Millar
    5. H Hodgson+
    6. V Hurley
    7. R Lewis
    8. Q Hazare
    9. F Masood
    10. T Best
    11. D Geise
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    Karachi 2nd XI
    1 M.Richardson
    2 W.Jaffer
    3 I.Aamer
    4 H.Ackerman
    5 Y.Youhanna (c)
    6 G.Jamieson (wk)
    7 C.Martin
    8 B.Monaghan
    9 K.Mills
    10 B.Pandit
    11 O.Malone
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    Sorry about the failure to submit last time.

    Leicestershire 2nd XI:

    1. R McKenzie (c)
    2. P Meezer (WK)
    3. C Daly
    4. A Brindell
    5. Y Ogden
    6. K Slater
    7. R Kingsley
    8. V Mishra
    9. T Mughal
    10. M Atkinson
    11. H Alberts

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    SA 2nds vs Surrey

    B Dippenaar
    A Goodwin
    K van Jaarsveld
    N Collyer
    M Doshi
    O Foot (capt)
    A Mujtaba
    L Bond (wkt)
    A Arshad
    G Wagg
    S Petley
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    Guyana second XI

    1. K Powar
    2. W Anderson
    3. R Ricky
    4. M Clarke
    5. C Gayle*
    6. Z MacDonald+
    7. C Gilmore
    8. V Pilgram
    9. B Edmonson
    10. P Packman
    11. L Al Zabir
    C'mon COLTS

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    Leicestershire, UK
    Surrey Seconds @ South Australia II

    D Page (R)
    S De Bruyn
    M Buxton (R)
    J Hamblin
    K Straw
    S Bissex+ (R)
    M Dighton
    I Ridding (R)
    J Bennett*
    A Benjamin (R)
    A Mohammed

    Unchanged from the victory against Tamil Nadu.
    Or something.

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    Colts 2nd XI

    6. Jayasuriya Squires
    99. Ebrahim Stone
    7. Ian Bell
    4. Ed Joyce
    63. Andrew Symonds
    21. Quintaz Birch
    23. Gerry Liebenberg (c/wk)
    25. Jason Lewry
    20. Mahela El Zabir
    15. Upul Gordon
    11. Murali Madugalle (vc)
    38th Test Player for CW XI

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    FC Career: 153 Mts, 12569 runs @ 45.21
    List A Career: 94 Mts, 2458 runs @ 30.35
    Twenty20 Career: 17 Mts, 352 runs @ 25.14

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    ACT side...

    P Conran
    M Phadke
    G Eaves
    C Williams
    E Howarth *
    S Borkar +
    M Rainey
    D Withe
    A Hasan
    M Butt
    A Powell

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    Tamil Nadu 2nd XI
    1. B Hoon
    2. S Bin Nasir
    3. Q Radford
    4. H Raza
    5. M van Jaarsveld
    6. R Parida (wk)
    7. I Farhat
    8. T Mathers
    9. T Durani
    10. J Sullivan
    11. Z Edmonds

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