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Thread: Shoaib Malik's comment after the game!!!

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    this one is going to die soon
    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
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    Yep, his comments were indeed weird. It was somewhat uncalled for. I dont think there was a need to put religion in the game of cricket. Cant do much.
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    I find it absurd that some people are saying that the Pakistan cricket team are forcing religion on the world, or some of it's players. As far as I know Mohammad Yousuf is the only very devout Muslim, and he certainly doesn't appear to be somebody who would force his religion on team-mates, especially when one of them is Hindu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Romance can be dealt with elsewhere - I just don't enjoy it in cricket.

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    I am ont 100% sure but I think the "goal" of Islam as per the Quran is to spread acroos the world. Apostates of Islam are to be killed as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanz View Post
    If you are not inspired or dont want to watch then dont, . They are not forcing you to watch them, they are not forcing the camera man to focus on them while they are praying. They can pray whereever they want to as long as they are not interrupting the game. If you feel they are doing it to brandish their religion then the problem is with you and your bigoted thought process.
    Ofcourse they are not forcing anybody but if you stand naked in the middle of the road, you cannot hope that you will not be observed. The question here is, why would they do it outside when they can easily do it inside?

    We are free to do many things in this world but that does not mean everything you have a right to do is logical.

    Its like saying I dont want Sachin Tendulkar looking at the sky after hitting a century. That stuff is brandishing his god and memory of his father and crap like that. Its like I dont want Dravid to bring his son out after victory in SA, Dravid should have kept his son inside. Its like saying sreesanth shouldn't be making those gestures of touching his heart and head and thanking his god, its like saying that Irfan had no business saying 'Mashallah...' after he got his MoM award. It is just pure BS and bigotry stemmed by your own prejudice towards a certain community or country, just incase you didn't know.
    Now you are starting to lie. Looking up at the sky and making gestures touching the heart are not comparable to brandishing religion. You know it well and you are grasping for straws. Bringing out the son bit that you said was just stupid.

    And I clearly said that it is alright to say mashallah or thank god.

    You clearly are and your posts indicate that very well. I am not sure If I want to discuss this garbage any more, its like hitting a wall as it is always with any extremist view. But If you continue to make this kind of statements, I will report your post.
    You cannot take an opposing argument and resort to name calling and personal insults. And you are the one wanting to report me? thats funny.
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