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Your relationship with alcohol


It's a weird one, because other than the booze I make myself, it hardly ever even occurs to me to drink. The only time I actually buy alcohol is when I have guests over, or I go out somewhere, neither of which happen very often because I am socially inept.


International Coach
I'll happily go weeks without drinking. Very very rare i'll drink at home. Might on a day like this if I'm home early enough and its sit in the garden weather, even then thats only if the housemates are home doing the same.

Cut out a lot of social drinking over the last few years, purely through being broke as hell. Thankfully now I can afford to have friends again I can still handle a good night out (though honestly I've started to take paracetamol out with me because the hangover starts long before I've even been to bed nowadays)


International Coach
Absolutely despise the stuff. One of my closest friends had her life totally ruined by alcoholism. My partner has her issues with drink too, though thankfully she's got a reasonable handle on it now. Wish it didn't exist.


Hall of Fame Member
Actually went through a no-drinking phase for a couple of years a while back. You find yourself to be a real lightweight when you start again. But at least it's really cheap to get buzzed.

King Pietersen

International Captain
Drink once, maybe twice a week max and no more than a couple of drinks. I've got Crohn's disease and alcohol (well certain alcohol) doesn't mix well with me so I try and avoid it the majority of the time. Before I was properly diagnosed and on a high dose of steroids I was drinking pretty often, most nights, to help sleep so since getting off those I've made a conscious effort to cut down.


Evil Scotsman
In the last couple of years I've properly discovered the joys of a good single malt whisky.

And the girlfriend and I have a massive gin collection as well, we're at about 30 bottles currently.


Norwood's on Fire
In the last couple of years I've properly discovered the joys of a good single malt whisky.

And the girlfriend and I have a massive gin collection as well, we're at about 30 bottles currently.
You’re meant to drink it, not collect it


Hall of Fame Member
Have massively cut back on not only my intake but the importance of alcohol in my life.

In retrospect, in my early 20s a lot of my thinking and planning was based around alcohol. Like, if I was planning a holiday - short or long - a big part of that was what, where and how I'd be drinking. I relied on alcohol as my default form of entertainment.

It is an incredibly destructive thing and could have ended up very badly.

Looking back I can certainly understand why people felt that prohibition was a good idea for society.

The Hutt Rec

International Debutant
Hope people don’t mind me sharing this, but I thought it was the best thread for it. I’ve done Dry July this year, wasn’t planning to get hugely into the fundraising side of it, but have just learned a friend of mine who has been fighting cancer and had been given the all-clear has found out on her first check up that it’s spread to her lungs and liver. She’s the same age as me, 38, so it’s pretty horrifying all round. So I’m glad I’m doing it now and can feel like I’m helping in some way by collecting as much as I can. Here’s the link if anyone can help, even a dollar or two will help someone out there:


thierry henry

International Captain
I am an alcoholic and if something else doesn't get me first it will be at least the partial cause of my premature demise.

This also explains a lot of my posting here tbh (not right now, I'm at work)

aussie tragic

International Vice-Captain
About to take a trial separation of 60 days to start with...didn't drink at all between 96-04 (wife didn't drink) but since then 27 days been longest off it.