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Your gutsy calls for 2019


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Olivier to be the highest wicket taker at WC.
Let's go one step further and say Olivier to be the highest wicket taker for the year (hopefully).

Shaheen Shah Afridi to make a significant impact at the WC.

Fawad Alam to eventually get a test recall, only to be dropped after a few games again.

ICC gets its **** together.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Joe Root's batting average to keep going down (not really gutsy at this stage) and end the year below 49.

Fuller Pilch

International Coach
Henry Nicholls to finish the year ranked ahead of Smith, Root, and Warner amongst test batsmen
Now this is gutsy (or foolish)
Only 1 point behind Warner and 12 behind Root now:


Will overtake DW when he loses points for missing the 2nd SL test and if there is another double failure for Root v the Windies in the 2nd test, Nicholls will be no 5 in the world


U19 Debutant
Cummins/Richardson to do an Alderman-esque demolition job in the Ashes.

Anderson to do similar, but the two prong Aussie attack to win the Ashes in a very tight series.


State Captain
Cummins to go to No. 1 in the rankings and stay there for years
Root to slip out of the top 10 and no longer be discussed with Kohli, Smith and Williamson.


U19 Debutant
Cummins to go to No. 1 in the rankings and stay there for years
Root to slip out of the top 10 and no longer be discussed with Kohli, Smith and Williamson.
That's not really surprising when you look at the stats in depth

On Western pitches (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, England):

Cummins has 76 wickets @ 21.14, SR 42.07 in 15 test matches on western pitches.

Rabada has 158 wickets @ 22.25, SR 39.92 in 30 test matches on western pitches.

Steyn has 318 wickets @ 22.97, SR 42.62 in 65 test matches on western pitches.

Cummins appears to be a better bowler away from home vs Rabada though (Small sample size) and Rabada has the advantaging of bowling on South African vs Australian pitches for the majority of his wickets.

Cummins has barely played a minnow yet either, Bangladesh (Away) probably isn't too applicable, 90% of his matches have been played against South Africa, India & England. With both of them being played away.

His first real match against a smaller test team in favorable conditions was on the weekend and he absolutely destroyed them with 10/62.
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Cricketer Of The Year
This call is not particularly gutsy, and if I trawled the whole thread probably not original, but Tim Paine will lose the captaincy and his spot in the Australian Test team after losing the Ashes.