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Your Cricket Season


State Vice-Captain
My club has had a horrible week in the 40-over league.

Last week our 2nd XI produced this Czech Cricket Union
Yesterday 2nds lost by 10 wickets after 132 ao.
While the 1sts got smashed for 260 and then got bowled for only 52.


State Vice-Captain

What did Jarswal think of it ?

Did you hear why it happened ?
Well it was just one of those days you know. I not on the duck list only because Im still injured.
Jaiswal is a hero but we dont talk much about it because his resilient batting makes everyone else look so crap :-)
Wickremasinghe is the best player in the country. Bowls quick and accurate which makes him lethal in our latitude. He helped us considerably to secure both 40-over and T20 titles when playing for us last year.


State Vice-Captain
Ze Germans have dominated Czech leagues this year with Dresden securing both 40-over and T20 title and our competitive season is over now.

My club claimed no silverware and that sucks. Especially beacuse some of our 1st XI players have been in form and performed well individually, feels like we failed as a team. The 2nd's fared more or less as expected always balancing between competitive approach and acommodating everybody who might be up for a game.

From my point of view this has been the worst season ever (my 5th in total). Work and family got in the way of cricket a lot preventing me from attending nets and playing on weekends. Plus I developed an annoying muscle inflammation in my right arm which I cant get rid of.

Im absolutely looking forward to the next season with our 2nd's of course :)

Shady Slim

International Coach
well it is most definitely cricket season in aus and nz right now so poor effort for not getting this thread up

1, 0* and 1/6 (1ov)
didn't need to bat or bowl
0 and 0/8 (1ov)
2, there was no bowling because it was rained out
0, 0/23 (2ov), 1ct and there was a dropped catch off my bowling
0, 0/10 (2ov)
0*, and was not needed to bowl, 1ct
5 (mind you this legitimately saved the game) and was not needed to bowl

so i am averaging 1.33 batting and although i once had a bowling strike rate of 6 it's now 36. all of my dismissals i have been bowled or lbw call me watto


International Regular
Well, I'm somewhat late on this, seeing as the English season ended some time ago, but having just seen this thread, and as I should probably actually make a post or two at some point, here's a summary of my minuscule contribution to the Exeter Accountants & Solicitors 20 overs after work league (not an official name):

1. 2 (Run Out) & 1/11 (1ov) - An inauspicious debut: mine was the 4th run out in about 2 overs, bowled a Steve Finn-style no ball and almost smacked someone on the head with one of my medium pace full tosses.
2. 1 (Bowled), Did not bowl - Miraculously recalled to the team, I again contributed absolutely nothing
3. 5 (Caught) & 0/10 (2ov, 1 dropped catch off my bowling) - Playing for my career, I was promoted to bat at 4 for no reason that I can discern (previously had batted at 9) and cracked my first ever boundary (with what remains the only good shot I've ever played). Chipped the ball to mid on soon after, but oh well. My change to bowling left-arm unorthodox went half-decently too. Dropped a (fairly tough) catch, unfortunately.
4. 2* & 1/9 (2ov, 1 dropped catch off my bowling) - My finest hour. Bowled pretty decently and held my nerve coming in at 11 to help complete a tight run chase.
5. 6 (Stumped), Did not bowl - Pretty pleased with my batting, seeing as I came in after we'd lost 4 wickets for 3 runs - helped put on a last wicket partnership of 40-something. Would have liked to have bowled, as it was my only chance to do so on a real pitch.
6. 1 (Bowled) & 0/17 (2ov, 2 dropped catches off my bowling) - My golden run of form came to an end as I basically just lost sight of a full toss. Ran someone out, though!


State Vice-Captain
The first match of the 2016 season, intraclub friendly, is on Sunday. First nets tomorrow. Time to ache!
There are going to be some changes in the club, hopefully new skippers will emerge for each XI. Lots of keen guys got in touch with the club, offering their skills. No Afridi cousin this year though. If only half of them turn up our 2nd's gonna be overcrowded. Local Cricket union also changed a bit with its new, young and business-minded chairman. Plus there is a new club entering our leagues, a club outside of the capital!
I am learning to work with the new aspect of my cricket because I had become my club's secretary. Getting ready an email about paying membership fee atm :D


International Regular
Well, the Exeter Corporate Cricket League has started again and I was picked to represent my work team for our first game (obviously they've forgotten last season).

Went 2-40 off 4 overs, basically bowled a lot of rubbish apart from 2 balls that got wickets. Didn't get to bat - a shame, as I've been practicing a bit between seasons and reckon I might be able to average 5 (i.e slightly less rubbish than last season). Found that I bowled a much better line from over the wicked (left-arm bowler) which surprised me as last season I was much better from around the wicket.


International Regular
Well, I finally got a chance to bat this season and made 3, one of my better scores tbf. Bowled 1 very bad over, but got away with it, relatively speaking, followed by a half-decent one. Took my first catch (hooked to fine leg) and was generally useful in the field for a change.


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Preseason practice will start again shortly. Having not played last season for the first time since age five, I'm getting back into it so I can bat with and easily upstage Burgeinho. I think we'll be opening he batting together in seniors which will be fun. Have to do it now because he'll likely head off to a grade club next year when he's done with juniors.


International Regular
Represented the local fire service this week, my tenuous link to that team being that I know one of their officer's father-in-law. We fielded first and I again did alright in the field with a couple of run-outs, though nothing catchable came my way. My first attempts at bowling left-arm orthodox weren't a complete disaster, either. However, we were then bowled out within 9 overs, myself making 2 off 2 (my best ever start) before getting run out.

Shady Slim

International Coach
have trained since we got outrighted in the finals a weekend here and a weekend there, pre season should start soon too

it dawned on me recently that my attitude when batting was the problem rather than the batting itself while reading "kevin pietersen on cricket", and then when i went to net with a positing ice attitude i was actually a decent bat

still have a lot of technical issues but my scoring rate and amount of decent shots is up heaps... my problem was i was too scared of getting out, meaning i got frustrated real quick and played shots that weren't there, ugly flicks and whooshes that lead to leading edges or splayed stumps.

now i am playing a lot more safe cut shots along the ground, feel like i could score much better to pacers now which was my real issue: my batting to the spinners is quite decent, good hands and fast wrists etc

good luck to everyone in the upcoming australian season!
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