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Would you travel to Pakistan?

Would you tour Pakistan as apart of your countries Champs Trophy squad?

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Son Of Coco

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I honestly don't know. It's not a decision I'm ever likely to need to take, so I've never thought it through.

And it's certainly not a decision I could make on a whim. I don't really like travel at the best of times TBH, I'm totally happy in the British Isles (fiancee can't fathom that, she loves nothing more than going overseas) and if I don't ever have to go overseas for business purposes I doubt I will very much in my life.

I'm also silly about the dangers of overseas - because of my lack of desire to go there. I get worred about my Dad whenever he goes to the USA, simply because of the gun culture. I have no idea what it entails - all I know is it's far worse than it is in the UK where I'm used to so therefore I fear it.

I'd probably worry about any family members if they went to South Africa too (much as I love the cricket team) purely because I know the crime-rate is so much higher than what I'm used to.

Anything which is different and which you know is worse, even if it only means going from miniscule to small, will inevitably hold fear.
Can we swap countries? I'd love to be able to travel Europe easily.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
15 or so policeman killed in a bomb blast in Kashgar on the 3rd, and we're going there for two weeks or so in a few days. Harden up, IMO.


International Coach
Look its a tricky question, if were a player who's place in the side is secured then i might not be too keen to travel to Pakistan, but if i am were to be rookie who could get a chance to play for his country and make a mark at international level than i won't even think twice before going to play cricket in any god damn place in the world.
Anyways lets get real, the world that we all are living in atm, no place can be termed as safe, terrorism is not just a problem that the sub-continent faces, its a global issue and if one just turns their back on it that's not going to change anything, to bombs are going of in the sub-continent, but in the near future the same could happen in Australian, English or South African cities, in the ideal scenario if the security is upto the mark then, i would like to see every team sending in their full strength squads, to send out a message to these maniacs that you can't scare us, but that of course is a lot easier for me say.