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World Cup Tipping Competition


Eyes not spreadsheets
South Africa beat Argentina by 11
New Zealand beat Australia by 17

2 spot ons, fredfertang getting the 3rd/4th place one and Samuel_Vimes the final right. Scores for the round:

marc71178	22
fredfertang	21
Bahnz		18
Beegee		17
Samuel_Vimes	15
Quaggas		 8
ripper868	 0

fredfertang	329
marc71178	307
NUFAN		298
ripper868	278
Beegee		268
Samuel_Vimes	263
Quaggas		224
Bahnz		154
Dan		142
kiwiviktor81	 98
WalkingWicket	 95
Howe_zat	 83
biased indian	 82
Marcuss		 41
Congrats to fred for a fine English victory. See you all at the 6 nations!


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The occasional English football LMS apart this is the first time I have won any sort of tipping competition on CW so particular thanks to Mark for making it all possible, but also to Nufan for his oversights, and everyone else who let the senior entrant win :)