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World Cup Tipping Competition


Eyes not spreadsheets
It's back again, same rules as before:

For getting a correct prediction you get an automatic 5 points, with up to 10 more points available for margin, on a sliding scale (so if you're spot on you get 10 points, but if you're 3 points out you get 7 points etc.)

For example for England vs Fiji if I predict England to win by 25 points and they win by 27 points, I get 5 for the prediction and 8 for the margin.

If you predict a margin of less than 10 points, then you can actually score points even if you get the prediction wrong. For example if you predict say Tonga to beat Georgia by 6 points and Georgia win by 3 points, you get 1.

Deadline for each pick is when the game kicks off, but will be putting the fixtures up in blocks of 8 games - results may not come immediately (since I'm away a lot around the start of the Tournament) but will be done as and when I can.

So the first games are (all times are UK times):

Fri Sept 18	20.00	A	England v Fiji
Sat Sept 19	12.00	c	Tonga v Georgia
Sat Sept 19	14.30	D	Ireland v Canada
Sat Sept 19	16.45	B	South Africa v Japan
Sat Sept 19	20.00	D	France v Italy
Sun Sept 20	12.00	B	Samoa v USA
Sun Sept 20	14.30	A	Wales v Uruguay
Sun Sept 20	16.45	C	New Zealand v Argentina


Cricketer Of The Year
England by 12
Tonga by 8
Ireland by 47
Zouth Africa by 36
France by 16
Samoa by 13
Wales by 60
New Zealand by 23


Audio File
England by 18
Tonga by 12
Ireland by 34
South Africa by 45
France by 10
Samoa by 5
Wales by 70
New Zealand by 16


Y no Afghanistan flag
England by 24
Tonga by 13
Ireland by 43
South Africa by 55
France by 8
Samoa by 7
Wales by 66
New Zealand by 28


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
England by 22
Georgia by 8
Ireland by 28
South Africa by 26
France by 10
Samoa by 13
Wales by 36
New Zealand by 18


Eyes not spreadsheets
England by 8
Tonga by 20
Ireland by 35
South Africa by 60
France by 5
Samoa by 17
Wales by 25
New Zealand by 21


International Captain
England by 3
Tonga by 6
Ireland by 10
South Africa by 52
Italy by 1
USA by 1
Wales by 12
New Zealand by 6


Hall of Fame Member
I have absolutely no idea tbh.

England by 13
Tonga by 7
Ireland by 14
South Africa by 21
France by 12
Samoa by 6
Wales by 54
New Zealand by 19


International Debutant
England by 24
Tonga by 11
Ireland by 29
South Africa by 81
France by 12
Samoa by 1
Wales by 35
New Zealand by 21


Eyes not spreadsheets
Next matches:

Wed Sept 23	14.30	B	Scotland v Japan
Wed Sept 23	16.45	A	Australia v Fiji
Wed Sept 23	20.00	D	France v Romania
Wed Sept 24	20.00	C	New Zealand v Namibia
Fri Sept 25	16.45	C	Argentina v Georgia
Sat Sept 26	14.30	D	Italy v Canada
Sat Sept 26	16.45	B	South Africa v Samoa
Sat Sept 26	20.00	A	England v Wales


Cricketer Of The Year
Scotland by 23
Australia by18
France by 65
New Zealand by 94
Argentina by 22
Italy by 28
South Africa by 19
England by 11 (would of had Wales with Halfpenny/Webb)


International Debutant
Scotland by 42
Australia by22
France by 18
New Zealand by 163
Argentina by 11
Italy by 24
South Africa by 8
Wales by 4


International Captain
Scotland by 33
Australia by 38
France by 32
New Zealand by 54
Argentina by 32
Italy by 18
South Africa by 8
Wales by 6

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Scotland by 38
Australia by 27
France by 50
New Zealand by 95
Argentina by 14
Italy by 20
South Africa by 15
England by 7


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Tonga by 12
Ireland by 40
SA by 44
France by 18
Samoa by 16
Wales by 61
New Zealand by 22