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World Cup Tipping Competition


Cricketer Of The Year
Ha, lesson to be learnt there, I changed my tip an hour before kickoff. Marc, feel free to disregard. :p


Eyes not spreadsheets
Somerset's late change costs him top spot in the round and 2nd place overall.

Australia beat Wales by 3
New Zealand beat France by 1

Howe_zat	20
Quaggas		19
Somerset	18
fredfertang	13
ripper868	11
biased indian	10
Hurricane	 7
BoyBrumby	 6
marc71178	 5
So overall standings:

Howe_zat	342
Quaggas		321
Somerset	320
biased indian	313
Hurricane	308
BoyBrumby	307
fredfertang	305
Goughy		278
ripper868	261
centurymaker	253
marc71178	253
Marcuss		237
Johnners	221
Samuel_Vimes	160
flibbertyjibber	 79
benchmark00	 46
Well played Howe_Zat and thanks all!

Wonder if there may be interest in doing this again, maybe the Heineken Cup or 6 Nations?


Cricketer Of The Year
Congrats Howe_zat. :)

I don't usually follow the Northern Hemisphere tournaments but I'd make up the numbers if you get a competition going Marc.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well done Jake for winning something for the Northern Hemisphere, and Marc for running the thing so well, despite his own inept performance