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World Cup Tipping Competition


Eyes not spreadsheets
France beat Wales by 1 point
New Zealand beat Australia by 14 points


biased indian	25
fredfertang	21
Hurricane	19
Howe_zat	16
Quaggas		15
centurymaker	13
Somerset	13
BoyBrumby	13
marc71178	 8

Overall with 2 games to go:

Howe_zat	322
biased indian	303
Somerset	302
Quaggas		302
Hurricane	301
BoyBrumby	301
fredfertang	292
Goughy		278
centurymaker	253
ripper868	250
marc71178	248
Marcuss		237
Johnners	221
Samuel_Vimes	160
flibbertyjibber	 79
benchmark00	 46
Those final games:

Fri Oct 21	20.30	34PO	Wales v Australia
Sun Oct 23	21.00	Fin	France v New Zealand
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It's unlikely for any one person to make up the points, but there are about 5 people who could do it, so there's a fair chance someone will.


Cricketer Of The Year
Guessing that wa a zero for me that round? not even a mention on the scoresheet.

NZ by 25

Australia by 12