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World Cup Squads


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Good idea. Might be a nice touch, although extra work for you, if you could add them to your initial post so that it's easy to find all of them rather than having to sift through the thread.


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I tend to remember him being in the squad for that series in Ireland where almost all of their first choice squad was not present, didn't play though. The repulsive slimeball made his NZ debut that series, Hamish Bennett played too. Wonder if Bennett is a touch unlucky not to get a run recently? His domestic form has been pretty strong iirc


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Didn't know where else to put this, but Mark Waugh has said that he'd leave Hazlewood out of the squad even though he's likely to be it in time and if Richardson isn't fit he'd play Matthew Kelly. I mean, I don't think Richardson is an ODI bowler and they should stop trying to turn him into one but Kelly's only played 14 list-A matches. That's not a lot.


Cricketer Of The Year
Haze is seriously underrated as an ODI bowler, has a damn good record considering the state of modern ODI pitches. Not really the greatest death bowler, but he is certainly effective up front and through the middle.

I do rate Kelly, but he is probably better off playing for Australia A before being considered for an international callup


International Vice-Captain
West Indies squad is being announced tomorrow. We have a brand new president, chairman of selectors and coach (Floyd Reifer), plus a selection policy of inclusiveness. So expect to see a few of the old guard back and Rakheem Cornwall.


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Has never played an international white ball match. Which says a lot about how the formats have changed over the years.
This, plus Wagner never gets injured, made of the toughest SA steel, only to be hardened further in NZ.


International Coach
India and Australia announce theirs Monday.

England Wednesday.

South Africa & Pakistan Thursday.


International Coach
SMarsh has apparently got the nod over Handscombe

And Hazlewood has reportedly been overlooked

Squad confirmed in a couple of hours


Cricketer Of The Year
Is Hazlewood just being cottonwooled to make sure he is right for the Ashes, or was he genuinely dropped? If it's the latter that is just utterly moronic, underrated ODI bowler